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Lost and Found: Young Art from Lithuania April 25 through May 24, 2015


Aiste Voveryte, Forget-me-not, 2014.
Jacquard weaving, serigraphy, applique, 70 x 180 cm each.
Courtesy of the Artist.

Exhibition Overview

The MFA Curatorial Practice students from American University and Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) in Lithuania present a unique project as a part of educational and artistic exchange between the two universities: Lost and Found: Young Art from Lithuania. The Curatorial Practice students from both universities are developing their skills in the management of art as well as promotion of the artistic ambitions of their fellow students through this international exchange of exhibitions. Under the supervision of their professors, these students practice all practical stages of the curatorial process starting with the inception of artistic ideas to their presentation in the form of an exhibition to the international public.

Lost and Found is the result of a search for promising young artists from the Vilnius Academy of the Arts and the notion of a so-called “Lost-And-Found” office, the first of which was founded in Paris in 1805 to collect items lost in the city streets. In this exhibition, the curators searched for VAA artists discovering their identity. The show presents a wide range of media varying from traditional craftsmanship to unique technological solutions.