Carlos Luna: Green Machine April 1 - May 28, 2017

Three of Luna's paintings as installed overtop images of skeletons and bones applied directly to the gallery wall
Carlos Luna, Mr. C.O. Jones. 2012. Private collection, Miami, FL.


A stylized silver figure appears to fly over red flamelike flowers with the head of a lion on his neck and the head of a man leaning from his shoulder, connected inside to his heart, a six-pointed star. Smoky echoes of his figure appear behind him.

Carlos Luna, Sometimes, 2015. Jacquard tapestry. Publisher, Magnolia Editions.


Two stylized figures appear: one vaguely human, one vaguely wolf. Both have prominent stylized buttocks. Toothed figures creep around them. The words "BLACK BITE" read upside down in the top right of the frame, which is cut in a fantastical shape.

Carlos Luna, Black Bite, 2013.

Exhibition Overview

Green Machine features the latest work of one of Cuba's leading contemporary artists, Carlos Luna. In this exhibition, painting, sculpture and installation become one to portray Cuban stories and fables. While using culturally-specific imagery, Luna demonstrates all that we have in common. "Ever since the first people were around, our problems have been about ourselves, what we are doing, our existence… but people even from different backgrounds can relate to human problems." Luna brings his viewers into the darkness and returns them to the light, both physically and psychologically.