States of Mind: Photographs of Cuba and North Korea by Carl De Keyzer June 17 – August 13, 2017

Photo looking out the picture window of a plaster-walled builiding in stately decay, at a cityscape marked by a high domed tower.

Cuba, la lucha. Carl De Keyzer, MAGNUM, Courtesy Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels.

Photo of people, including men in uniforms, milling in front of a pastel-lit wall with Korean writing on it

DPR Korea Grand Tour. Carl De Keyzer, MAGNUM, Courtesy Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels.

Exhibition Overview

This exhibition features 60 photographic prints of scenes from two communist nations, North Korea and Cuba, by Belgian photographer Carl De Keyzer. The Cuba photos, grouped together under the series title Cuba, la lucha, were taken shortly after former President Barack Obama's 2014 speech inviting the relaxation of the Communist island's 56-year embargo. The North Korean prints, which will be shown in conjunction with Cuba, la lucha for the first time, were shot in 2015 when the artist spent more than 40 nights in North Korea with the British-run Koryo Group. During this time, De Keyzer traveled and documented each province in the country.

De Keyzer is a globally renowned photographer and member of Magnum Photos, an international photographic collective, and the recipient of 17 international awards. The photographs in this exhibition powerfully capture the struggles and the leisure of everyday Cubans and North Koreans in uncommon scenes.

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