Twist—Layer—Pour: Sondra N. Arkin, Joan Belmar, and Mary Early September 5 through October 22, 2017

Twist--Layer--Pour installation details

Twist—Layer—Pour installation details by Sonda N. Arkin, Joan Belmar, and Mary Early

Exhibition Overview

In Twist—Layer—Pour, the unexpected grouping of Sondra N. Arkin, Joan Belmar and Mary Early yields a dynamic, site-responsive meditation on systemized components and accumulated wholes. Step by step, link by link, their obsessive object making becomes a metaphor for conscious and intuitive gesture, relational interconnectivity, and the passage of time. At once public and private, monumental and intimate, the works profess an unswerving passion for their chosen materials: steel wire, synthetic papers, and beeswax. Individual variances and details invite close attention while in the aggregate, distilled shapes and rhythmic patterns emerge.

Curated by Sarah Tanguy.