Year One: MFA First Year Exhibition April 1 - April 19, 2017

On a blue-black background, a bowl of pink-purple daylilies floats slighly above a green ground. In front of the bowl we see many very small stemmed flowers. Very small white birds fly in the black area near the top of the canvas.

Artist: Fallon Chase

Exhibition Overview

AU's Department of Art presents the work of current first-year MFA candidates. The multidisciplinary Studio Art program showcases an exciting range of emerging artists' work in painting, sculpture, collage and material studies, photography, and new media. Year One showcases the work of Holly Trout, Tim Magenta, Tiffany Raquel, Fallon Chase, Ban Alwehaibi, Michelle Gagliano, Michelle Tangires, and Paige Stewart.

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Bare legs, forearms, and hands appear surrounded by small globes with stylized human figures on them. The rest of the body is obscured by a blue area and monarch butterflies.

Artist: Tiffany Chamberlain