D'Arista Legacy Carlton Fletcher, Lowell Gilbertson, Edith Kuhnle, Dale Loy, Katy Murray, Marci Nadler, Lee Newman, Iris Osterman, Maggie Siner, Jo Weiss, Diane Wilson, and Susan Yanero

September 4-October 21, 2018

Presented by the Alper Initiative for Washington Art

A figure sits with elbows on a table, resting chin on folded hands, reading.

Lee Newman, Eater, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

Robert D’Arista taught in the American University Department of Art for some twenty years. This exhibition explores his impact on twelve of his students.

Differing perhaps in all other respects, the various contemporary movements seem to agree only on an allegiance to the expressive, the personal, and the unique effort—and proceed then to proliferate arbiters, exegetes, claques, cliques, and cabals that must be a source of wonder to the participants most of all. Seeming to obey every known law…they proceed from virtuous evangelism to Bonapartist activism, aggrandizement, and so on. We speak of the end result as an academy, invidiously—hopefully, a school.

– Robert D’Arista


Opening Reception
September 8, 6-9PM

Free Parking: D'Arista Legacy

Free Parking: D'Arista Legacy
September 20, 5:30 PM