Finding a Path Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak: A Conversation

September 4-December 16, 2018

Curated by Aneta Georgievska-Shine

Contemporary sculpture with horizontal trees and red metal vine-like forms

Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak, Cedars and Vines, 2015-2018. Courtesy of the artists. Credit: Greg Staley.

Contemporary installation with wood and metal vine-like structures in an outdoor sculpture garden

Installation view of Finding a Path, Emilie Brzezinski & Dalya Luttwak: A Conversation. All works courtesy of the artists. Credit: Greg Staley.

Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak have much in common as artists, yet they have never shown their works together. Brzezinski’s massive, rough-hewn wood sculptures embody the vital energy of trees as archetypes of being. Luttwak’s brilliantly colored metal creations are inspired by another essential aspect of universal growth and decay in nature—plant roots. This site–specific installation is a conversation on their approaches to nature as a means of understanding one’s path through the world, and life itself.

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Opening Reception
September 8, 6-9PM