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Michael B. Platt + Carol A. Beane: Influences and Connections Presented by the Alper Initiative for Washington Art

January 26-March 17, 2019

A collage. Shadows of a child and an animal look at eachother.

Michael Platt, Game Board, 2018. Pigment print on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.

3 people. Heavily filtered.

Michael Platt, When We Dance, 2015. Pigment print on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.

A man with face paint. Heavily filtered.

Michael Platt, Downtown Mystic, 2018. Pigment print on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.

ArtLife/LifeArt with Michael Platt

ArtLife/LifeArt with Michael Platt

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Standing at the foot of Australia’s sacred sandstone monolith known as Uluru, Michael B. Platt and Carol A. Beane envisioned a world invisible to many others. The world is at once primordial and imminent, spiritual and mortal. This exhibition is a collaborative offering from one of Washington’s most prolific pairs; an offering of visibility from one world into another. Inspired by the ancestral stories told by the indigenous keepers of Australia’s most sacred grounds, Platt and Beane fuse poetic image with word. The union culminates in an aesthetic experience of the human spirit that that transcends time, place, and identity.


Washington City Paper: Remembering Revered D.C. Artist Michael B. Platt


Featuring the Poetry of Carol A. Beane

Writing wind-songs
my words find themselves
in undulations and ululations;
floating in stark abstractions
of light, traceries of shadow
moving among the grasses
and sand, over waves, and
in city spaces, conjuring memories;
deciphering voices
in the rocks and the red dirt;
waiting at the waterhole
to ensnare the longing,
palimpsests for other times of being.

sounds in the air in the vastness of
ancient spaces, disappearing,
unintelligible to the undiscerning ear,
though telling stories, upon stories,
upon stories, long through the night.