The Barlow Gilotty Collection

Philip Barlow, Lisa Gilotty, collectors
Vivienne Lassman, curator

February 4–May 21, 2023

“In addition to art telling a story, the pattern of collecting tells our story.”

Khanh Le, First New Home, 2008

Khanh Le, First New Home, 2008. Silver and gold pen and ink, acrylic jewels and Swarovski crystals on archival pigment print, 32 x 41 inches.

Exhibition Overview

The Barlow Gilotty Collection is the culmination of over 30 years of Washington, DC, art collecting by Philip Barlow and Lisa Gilotty, both government employees. The Washington Post has referred to the couple as belonging to “a new generation of Washington collectors” in that they don’t fall into the old-money or uber-wealthy stereotype most people think of when hearing the term “art collector.”

Barlow and Gilotty celebrate the connection between collector and artist and community. This is a deeply considered collection that includes data points which highlight its organization and thoughtful structure. Their dedicated support of local artists is reflected in their deliberate inclusion of younger and diverse artists, which has resulted in an important overview during this time period in our cultural history. The breadth of their enthusiasm and love of art in its many forms celebrates our artistic community.

Wayne Edson Bryan, Dancing Star, 1999

Wayne Edson Bryan, Dancing Star, 1999. Enamel, ink and varnish on plywood, 59 x 72 inches.


Zoe Charlton, Wakulla, 2012

Zoe Charlton, Wakulla, 2012. Collage and gouache on paper, 35 x 27 inches.