Summer 2013 Exhibitions: Kitty Klaidman, Nan Montgomery, Tim Tate, and Raya Bonardchuk

, Katzen Museum 1st Floor Exhibition

Updated 10/11/13

Kitty Klaidman: Beneath the Surface
Recent mixed media paintings by Washington, D.C., artist Kitty Klaidman. In these paintings, richly colored acrylic pigment is applied on wood panels covered with molding paste that has been incised with organic patterns. They are then highly glazed. The overall effect is to make explicit the subtle rhythms and tensions in seemingly static natural settings.

Nan Montgomery: Opposite and Alternate
Recent oil paintings by Washington, D.C., artist Nan Montgomery. Throughout her career, Montgomery's basic signature has been the use of color as communication, the interest in the painted surface, and a minimalist aesthetic. The large fields of color are painted with many color overlays using a small brush.

Tim Tate: Sleepwalker
Tim Tate is Washington's best known contemporary glass artist, but his latest work has moved toward video installations. Rich in symbol, metaphor, movement, and mystery, videos, like dreams, enable us to participate in another reality and, through that participation, to be transformed. Hidden within is the latent content which will give the viewer an understanding of what is happening in the mind of a dreamer. Featuring collaborations with Pete Duvall and Richard Schellenberg.

Raya Bonardchuk: Form
Raya Bodnarchuk's sculpted animals and people are beautifully and carefully observed, the mature work of a master of many different media. Trained at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design and the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Bodnarchuk has been a major artist and an influential mentor in Washington for forty years.
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