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College Departmental Honors

By CAS Staff

Battelle-Tompkins Building.

Departments and programs within the College of Arts and Sciences have honored outstanding students for the 2009-10 academic year. These students excelled in their area of study and were given awards, fellowships, or scholarships based on their high caliber academic achievements.



Grebe Award
Sean Burn

Likins Scholarship
Taylor Dempsey, Mobola Oyefule

Helmlinge Awards
Denisha Woods, Peter Roehrich, Vince Bacalan, Marco Pelli, Kimmy Kraeer, Ariel Aspiras, and Stacey Baker


Art History

Pence Award for Undergraduate Achievement in Art History
Sarah Lazarakis



Anthony M. Schwartz Fellowship
Steven Moss, Tamra Fisher, Susan Schultz, and Tim Beck

Outstanding Teacher Assistant Awards
Tim Beck, John Gratham, and Anna Abrams


Computer Science

Awards for Excellent Performance in the Computer Programming Competition
Michael Levin, David Plassmann, Priyadarshini Komala, Reid Cumbest, Patrick Trebisacci, Batbaatar Burentogtokh, Josh Reese, Michael Repas, and Tai Vu  

Awards for Outstanding Service to Computer Science
Priyadarshini Komala, Josh Reese, and Gaurav Gulhati



Frank Tamagna Award
Barton W. Baker

James H. Weaver Award
Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou and Ashley J. Provencher

Ruth Dewey Meade Award
Rosemarie P. Scott

Simon Naidel Award
Nicholas E. Kahn and Walter L. Scott

Jose Epstein Award
David J. Lindgren and Elizabeth A. Zamora


Environmental Science

Stafford Cassell Award
Andrew Veysey



Dorothy Gondos Beers Scholarship
Abigail Kret

James W. Mooney Research Award
Jacquelyn Brustuen, Tim Moore, Emily Russart, Zachary Siegel, Jonathan Terrell, Molly Sauer, Madeline Karp, Alex Mensing, and Maggie McGee

Janet Oppenheim Prize
Abigail Kret, Lisa Plotkin, and Jonathan Terrell

Roger Brown Dissertation Fellowship
Allan Mikaelian

Richard and Carol Breitman Fellowship
Lorna Loring

Gondos Graduate Summer Research Fellowship
Matthew R. Pembleton

Dorothy and Victor Gondos, Jr. Undergraduate Research Prize 
Jonathan Terrell


Jewish Studies
The Jane and Jerrold Goodman Scholarship
Carolyn Wilson and Julie Finkel


Language and Foreign Studies

Sara Presciutti Memorial Scholarship
Gabrielle LaVorgna and Cameron Doyle


Mathematics and Statistics

Frank Cox Jones Scholarship
Emma Morgan

Hanna Miriam Sandler and Bella Sandler Award
Erin Koch

Summer Research Awards
Kun Zhao, Evan Wong, and Clementine Aubry-Blanchard



Harold J. and Ruth Pearson Prize
Andrew Fogle, Casey Nitsch, and Joe Rees

Harold J. and Ruth Pearson Book Prize
Awarded to 22 undergraduate seniors: Andrew Addison, Ehsan Ali, Seth Cutter, Tim Day, Andrew Dobbyn, Samantha Dunn, Russell Durfee, Karolina Epple, Meghan Finney, Andrew Fogle, Phil Gartland, Hanna Grene, Brandon Herring, Max Maisey, Ryan Mehta, Eleanor Meyer, Aaron Montenegro, Lonny Moses, Casey Nitsch, Kera Pakage, and Joe Rees
and to 7 graduate students: Billy Buntin, Tianna Chelgren, Anna Engelmann, Peter Park, Sam Taylor, Phil Vaughn, and Ethenia Whye

Donald and Kane Prize
Karolina Epple



Hassa S. Shanker Premedical Achievement Prize
Mobola Oyefule



Charles B. Ferster Award
Leah B. Rothschild


School of Education, Teaching, and Health

Josesphine G. Gimble Scholarship
Jessica Streit and Nicole Wheatley

William Vincent Scholarship
Katherine Streit and Lorin Berger



Austin Van der Slice Award
Jennifer Burke

Julius Hobson Award
Kyrie Bannar and Jessica Arencibia 

Carla Howery Award
Meredith Jachowicz