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Why We Love Physics Physics majors share why the “knowledge of nature” matters

smiling physics students working with circuits, circuit boards and batteries in a lab
Physics students working with circuits in lab

How do you define your passion?

We asked students in the AU physics program to share how they discovered their passion for exploring the universe and what they hope to do with their degree.


"Physics can be extremely applicable to becoming an innovator for the future. The problem-solving skills that I've acquired from my physics courses at AU are priceless. I am currently interning at NASA headquarters in the Office of International and Interagency Relations. I use my technical background and apply it to policy and international agreements that NASA has with other space agencies across the globe."–Danielle Montecalvo (BS physics and international relations '18)


"I grew up reading car magazines. That's where I was introduced to the physics vocabulary. Then I learned that there was math involved, and I can solve problems behind these ideas. That's what pulled me in. Physics seemed like such a powerful tool to have. –Jacob Vancampen (BS physics and international relations '19)

"I decided to major in physics because it is challenging. In my opinion, majoring in a field that I enjoy, while challenging myself is what an undergraduate major should represent. I love how physics is versatile and how it explains the world around us. I am still not sure what I want to do with my degree, but I have gained analytical and problem-solving skills that I can apply anywhere." –Shams El-Adawy (BS physics and French '18)


"People should be more passionate about physics because everything is physics. There is active research to figure out as much as we can about our universe on the smallest and largest scale, with everything in between simultaneously. The physics department at AU is one of the most wonderful groups that I have ever met. The faculty members are willing to do whatever they can to make our education excellent. I can honestly say that these people make AU feel like home and I will forever be grateful for that." –Mackenzie Devilbiss (BS physics '18)