Dance Faculty

Program Director 

Erin Foreman-Murray Sr Professorial Lecturer CAS - Performing Arts

Erin Foreman-Murray is a contemporary dance artist who focuses her creative research on improvisational performance practices. Her choreographic work has been presented by New Faces New Dances (Salzbu

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Ronya-Lee Anderson Professorial Lecturer CAS - Performing Arts

Ronya-Lee LaVaune Anderson is the daughter of Pauline and Roxroy Anderson; the granddaughter of Madge McLellan and of Mavis Lawrence, both healers and entrepreneurs. She is an Afro-Caribbean woman of

Esperonto Bean Adjunct Instructor

Esperonto is recognized as one of the pioneer House Dancers from Baltimore, and is well-versed in many dance styles, including House, Hip-Hop, Locking, and Punking/Waacking. He is the founder and dire

Lisa Clarkson Adjunct Professorial Lect

Lisa Clarkson is a dancer, movement educator, and physical therapist. She had a 10+ year career as a full-time professional ballet dancer, with Louisville Ballet, Lexington Ballet and Ballet Memphis,

Jocelyn Cox Adjunct Professorial Lect

Jocelyn E. Cox (Maryland) is a proud member of the Actors' Equity Association, and the independent author of Jocelyn Learns to Dance, for which she received the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Cou

Nkenge Cunningham Adjunct Instructor

Nkenge Cunningham began her professional dancing career at the precious age of 5 in New York City under the auspices of Marie Basse Wiles, founder and director of Maimouna Keita School of West African

Omilade Davis-Smith Asst Professor CAS - Performing Arts

A multifaceted artist-scholar, Dr. Omilade Davis-Smith has worked the majority of her life as a dancer, educator and performer. Omi earned a PhD in Dance from Temple University with a specialization i

Gabriel Mata Adjunct Professorial Lect

Gabriel Mata (pronounced: gah-bryehl mah-tah) is a Mexican U.S. American dance choreographer, educator, dance film maker, and performer. He also navigates the world as queer, Latinx, immigrant, and as

Sarah Beth Oppenheim Adjunct Professorial Lect

Sarah Beth Oppenheim hails from the Wild, Wild West where she could never cut on the dotted black line, so she read Steinbeck and became a modern dancer instead. She earned her BFA at SUNY Purchase an

Kristopher Pourzal Adjunct Professorial Lect

Kristopher Pourzal teaches courses in dance and theater history and Black cultural production more broadly. He is at work on a dissertation about New York City’s Clark Center, a community-oriented dan

Stephanie Vadala Adjunct Instructor

Stephanie Vadala is a dancer, educator, photographer, cat mom, and beloved member of the DMV dance community. She is a native of Syracuse, NY, where she trained in many dance styles from the age of th

Irina Wunder Adjunct Instructor

Irina Wunder, an ethnic Russian, received her classical dance training in Turkmenistan, then a republic of the former Soviet Union. She performed with the Republic's State Theater of Opera and Ballet

Alice Wylie-Schmemann Adjunct Instructor

Born in Washington DC, Alice began her dance training with Jane Bittner and trained extensively with several other renowned teachers including Dawei Zhang, Suzanne Farrell, Patricia McBride, Jean-Pier