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Five-Year Music BA and Teaching MAT

The American University School of Education and the Department of Performing Arts Music Program in the College of Arts and Sciences are thrilled to announce a new 5-year degree in Music and Education beginning fall 2018.

Students will graduate, in only five years, with a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree that is directly linked to the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA).

Undergraduate focus will be on non-traditional forms of music education oriented toward low-income, at-risk, student populations and will include internships that work directly with these students. This path will be ideal for future teachers interested in this cohort of students, policy making, and education reform.


Music Prerequisites: 5 Credits

Waived for students with equivalent experience

  • PERF-111 Class Piano Level I (1)
  • PERF-112 Class Piano Level II (1)
  • PERF-120 Music Fundamentals (3) (grade of B or better)

Education Prerequisites: 12 Credits

  • EDU-205 Schools and Society (3)
  • EDU-280 Social Justice and Urban Education (3)
  • EDU-285 Education for International Development (3)
  • EDU-420/620 Psychology of Education (3)

Major Requirements: 48 Credits

Academic Music

Complete All Courses

  • PERF-100 Introductory Music Colloquium (1)
  • PERF-124 Music Theory I (3)
  • PERF-125 Music Theory II (3)
  • PERF-126 Musicianship I (3)
  • PERF-127 Musicianship II (3)
  • PERF-224 Music Theory III (3)
  • PERF-322 History of Music I: From Antiquity to 1750 (3)
  • PERF-323 History of Music II: From 1750 to the Present (3)

Private Studies In Applied Music

Complete 8 credit hours over four semesters

  • MUS-122 (2)
  • MUS-122 (2)
  • MUS-122 (2)
  • MUS-122 (2)

Performance Ensembles

Complete 6 courses over 6 semesters, no more than 3 from chamber ensembles

Ensemble Options

Zero credit options restricted to students enrolled in 17 credits

  • PERF-042/142 University Chorus (0-1)
  • PERF-043/143 University Chamber Singers (0-1)
  • PERF-044/144 University Orchestra (0-1)
  • PERF-045/145 Chamber Ensembles / Workshop (0-1)
  • PERF-046/146 Jazz Orchestra (0-1)
  • PERF-047/147 Symphonic Band (0-1)

Advanced Concentration

Complete all courses

Music Seminars

  • PERF-441 Advanced Studies in Music History and Ethnomusicology (3)
  • PERF-442 Advanced Studies in Music Analysis and Performance (3)


  • EDU-609 Effective Teaching for Diverse Students (3)
  • EDU-630 Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDU-663 Principles of Effective Methods and Instruction (3)

Senior Colloquium

  • PERF-446 Senior Colloquium in Music (3)

Music Program Contact

For more information, please contact our Music Program Director:
Nancy Jo Snider,

Admission & Advising

Students should discuss their interest in the program with the academic advisor for the Music (BA) before submitting a formal application and after reviewing university requirements and processes: