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all in the right time: “The  Freedom of the Press”

Directed by Rebecca Bailey.

Program Notes

Based upon musical numbers from The Cradle Will Rock by Marc Blitzstein. Music and lyrics of all songs by Marc Blitzstein. The compositions of Marc Blitzstein are performed under license from the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Inc.

  • Directed by Rebecca Bailey
  • Music and lyrics by Marc Blitzstein
  • Videography by Rebecca Bailey
  • Video Editing by Alyssa Gomez/Co-Op Productions

Emily Brolin, Miya Hamashige, and Sarah Pollock

Director's Notes
by Rebecca Bailey

Using Marc Blitzstein's 1937 musical The Cradle Will Rock as our artistic anchor, all in the right time extracts three songs that have significant relevance to our cohort's experience navigating 2020. "The Freedom of the Press" is a dance music video mixing 1930's and 2020 dance styles to show that the press' freedom is still under attack today. "Gus and Sadie Love Song" is a musical Zoom gathering where we are happy to see each other, but the reasons behind the need for the virtual media are palpable and inescapable. And "Nickel Under Your Foot" explores what anyone not posed with the perfect combination for maximum privilege shares.