Theatre and Musical Theatre Scholarships

All students who audition for the faculty audition panel will automatically be considered for scholarships given by the AU Theatre and Musical Theatre Programs. Scholarships are principally awarded to majors, but special consideration is made for exceptional non-majors and minors. Awards range from one hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on funding availability and program needs. Scholarship award notifications are made throughout the spring and are usually sent to students no later than late April. Awards include:

  • Barnee Breeskin Scholarship awarded to an outstanding Musical Theatre student selected by audition for a panel of independent auditors.
  • Greenberg Scholarship awarded to outstanding Theatre/Musical Theatre students by faculty vote.
  • Annual Merit Awards to currently enrolled students who have distinguished themselves in class work, performance, design and production, management and service.
  • Senior Awards

The faculty makes consideration for scholarships each spring and initial award offers are made usually no latter than mid-April. For more information about the Theatre and Musical Theatre Program and the American University Department of Performing Arts, please e-mail