God's Fifth Abode: Entrepreneurial Faith in the Hindu Himalayas

, Butler Board Room

Updated 3/31/13

The 6th Annual Harold A. Durfee and Doris G. Durfee Lecture.
By Dr. Brian Pennington, Maryville College:

Based on fieldwork conducted in Himalayas of the North Indian state of Uttarakhand since 2001, Pennington’s lecture will discuss the recent proliferation of new religious sites, movements, and conflict in the mountainous region Hindus call “Dev Bhumi,” the Land of the Gods. Home to the glacial sources of Hinduism’s most sacred rivers, its most celebrated and inaccessible pilgrimage destinations, and the natural resources for which the expanding economy of India seems to have an insatiable appetite, Uttarakhand has seen a fiercely competitive marketplace of religious entrepreneurism emerge since it was named an independent state in 2000.

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