Prospective Students

How do I apply to the EPGA program?

Prospective students can apply to the program either through the School of International Service Graduate Admissions Office or through the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admissions Office. Degree requirements and coursework are the same for students entering through either school, but your undergraduate or professional background might make one or the other institution a more appropriate fit. Please feel free to be in touch with the Program Directors as you make this decision.

Can I visit campus to learn more about the program?

Please do! If you are able to visit campus, we encourage you to do so-please get in contact with the Program Directors so that we can help arrange your tour.

Current Students

Where do I get information about course offerings?

Current students can view course offerings for each semester on-line through the Eagle Service portal. The Schedule of Classes page provides course title, time, location, instructor, availability (open or closed) and a brief description. For philosophy and religion courses, the department's online Course Offerings brochure provides more detailed course descriptions. You can find out more specific information about the course offerings from the SIS faculty and specifically IPCR faculty by by contacting the IPCR office. Syllabi for IPCR courses can be found on the IPCR Course Syllabi page.

Where do I go for advising?

Feel free to speak to any faculty member in the EPGA program in seeking advice on substantive issues. All faculty hold office hours and welcome students to visit, whether it be to seek advice about courses, assignments, research topics and interests, future career plans, or simply to get to know the professor and the department better. However, when it comes to administrative issues, such as specific requirements or procedures, please contact either the graduate advisors, the program coordinators, or the administrative assistants in Philosophy or IPCR.

May I substitute courses?

With the approval of your advisor and one faculty member, you may substitute courses should circumstances warrant such a change. The degree requirements are designed to maximize flexibility and to allow you to concentrate your course work in areas that are most appropriate to your goals and interests.

How and when do I apply for graduation?

You should apply for graduation by filling out the online "Apply to Graduate" form available through (under the "Academics" link). For the fall-semester graduation in December, the deadline for applications is usually mid-September; for the spring-semester graduation in May, the deadline is usually mid-January; and for the summer graduation in August, the deadline is usually mid-May. For current deadlines, check the Office of the Registrar's web site. Once you submit your application for graduation to the registrar's office, the appropriate unit (Department of Philosophy and Religion or SIS Graduate Advising) will receive notification from them and will verify your eligibility for graduation. The university grants degrees at the end of each summer, fall, and spring term. Commencement ceremonies are held once a year at the end of the spring semester to recognize summer and fall graduates and spring degree candidates. Detailed information about commencement is available online at

How do I find information about jobs?

Information on university job openings can be found on the Human Resources web site ( For jobs in the DC area, try the American University Career Center (, 202-885-1800, Butler Pavilion 5th Floor, or the Washington Post ( Listserves at the university also announce a variety of job openings and internship opportunities.

How do I find information about post-graduate grants?

Contact Paula Warrick in the Office of Merit Awards at 202-885-1817 or