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Psychology | Clinical PhD Program


Our students have done well in a variety of ways.  Some have gone on to secure faculty positions in psychology departments at:

·        St. John’s University (Wilson McDermut)

·        Williams College (Ari Solomon)

·        University of Cincinnati (Giao Tran)

·        Goucher College (Dara Friedman-Wheeler)

and psychiatry departments at:

·        Brown University (Susan Wenze)

·        Ohio State University (Nicholas Forand)

·        University of Virginia (Frances Thorndike)

Other students electing to pursue applied positions have also fared well in the job market, securing positions at (among others):

·        Johns Hopkins University (Melissa Tanner)

·        National Institutes of Health (Sarah Hubbard)

·        New York Presbyterian-University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell (Susan Sussman)

·        Chestnut Health System of Illinois (Victoria Coleman-Cowger)

Students often secure these positions after completing postdoctoral clinical or research fellowships such as the following:

·        University of Michigan (Edward Huntley)

·        University of Pennsylvania (Ramaris German)

·        Brown University (Susan Wenze)

·        UC Davis (Karen Pullian)

·        Texas Children’s Hospital (Jennifer Hansen)

·        George Washington University Counseling Center (Noah Meyers)