Interpersonal Emotion Lab

2017 lab members

The Interpersonal Emotion lab examines topics broadly related to emotion regulation, interpersonal functioning, and identity disturbance. We are interested in how interpersonal relationships can facilitate both effective and ineffective emotion regulation, particularly within the context of borderline personality disorder (BPD). We study which relationships, relationship behaviors, or interpersonal cognitions are effective and which are ineffective for individuals with BPD and related disorders.

We recently completed a study that used a behavioral measure of aggression to examine how validation or invalidation after a sad mood induction influences aggression among individuals with difficulty regulating emotions compared to individuals without these difficulties.

We are currently analyzing data on several lab projects. One is a study using Electroencephalography (EEG) to examine emotional reactivity to images of facial emotions of varying intensities among individuals with diagnoses of BPD or depression. Our lab is also collaborating on a project with Dr. Kate Gunthert and members of her Stress and Emotion Lab that assesses predictors of interpersonal conflict and relationship aggression in a sample of couples using a two-week daily diary approach.

The lab is directed by Dr. Nathaniel Herr . Learn more about ongoing research projects and meet our current lab members and lab alumni to hear about their individual research interests and projects.

Questions regarding undergraduate research assistant positions or research participation opportunities contact Nate Herr at for more information.