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Mariam Melkumyan

Mariam Melkumyan stands in front of some trees.

Curriculum Vitae

I am an undergraduate senior majoring in Neuroscience. My main interest is the development and treatment of mental health disorders. Once I complete my undergraduate degree I plan to pursue a PhD in behavioral neuroscience. I started working in Dr. Stoodley's laboratory in the spring of 2017, researching Autism through the cerebellum. However, I also wanted to see how the environment and the previous parent exposure to certain environmental stimuli contributes to the changes in behavior and mental health. 

When exploring the laboratories at AU I immediately became interested in the psychopharmacology lab and the research being conducted in it as it explored drug use which is largely correlated with mental health disorders. I started volunteering at the lab in June 2018 and have been working with Briana on her research ever since. The research aims to see if the adolescent history of THC in parent rats has an effect on the self-administration of cocaine, nicotine and heroin in the offspring. It will also look at some behavioral/locomotor differences between the rats who have had parents with THC history and the control rats.