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Tania Weiss

Tania Weiss

Tania Weiss CV


I’m an undergraduate neuroscience major at American University, and I’m interested in studying the neural changes associated with abnormal development including genetic, physiologic, behavioral etc. Additionally, I’m specifically interested in the development of the fetal, infant and adolescent brain because of the immense amount of growth and change that occurs within these stages of life. My ultimate career goal is to become a practicing pediatric neurologist in order to understand, research, and ultimately overcome the massive challenges presented to children who suffer from neurological disease and damage. As a foundation for this career goal I feel it is important to be a well-rounded scientist and medical professional who is able to stay on the cutting edge of medical advancements and therapies.

What interests me about psychopharmacology is how drugs change the biochemistry of the brain, and affect the development of the fetus in utero. I began working in the lab in the spring of 2019, working with Briana in her research on the effects of THC, specifically on her dissertation which focuses on multigenerational epigenetic inheritance. My short-term goal in this lab is to gain as much practical experience and laboratory techniques as possible to aid me in my future endeavors in the medical field. In the fall of 2019, I will be working with Haley on her new project on the effects of methylone pre-exposure on the aversive effects of Fluoxetine, MDMA and MDPV.