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Experiments — Spring 2014

Study Title: Health Attitudes and Behaviors
IRB Approval Number: 13214
Experimenter's Name: Zoe Eng
Contact Info: zoe.eng@american.edu
Time Commitment: 45-60 minutes
Number of Credits: 1.00
Eligibility Requirements: must be at least 18 years old
Description of Study:
I am looking for students to participate in my study on health attitudes and behaviors. Participants will fill out a few questionnaires and complete a brief task. The study will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, and participants will be compensated with 1 psychology research credit.


Study Title: Growth and Reactivity in Response to Parental Illness

IRB Approval Number: 13147
Experimenter's Name: Maggie Stoeckel
Contact Info: ma4684a@american.edu
Time Commitment: ~2 minutes for an online pre-screening tool; 60-90 minutes for the study
Number of Credits: 1.5 (or $10)
Eligibility Requirements: English speaking male college students 18 years or older; must have a parent with an illness
Description of Study: Did your parent suffer from an illness while you were growing up? If so, you may be eligible to participate. This study is looking at individual differences in emotional reactivity in the children of parents with an illness. For the screening portion of the study, you will answer two questions from your home computer to see if you are eligible to participate. If eligible, you will be asked to set up a 60-90-minute appointment in Asbury 322. During this appointment, you will complete a few questionnaires and then watch a series of film clips meant to elicit a range of emotions. Eligible participants will receive either $10 or 1.5 research credits and be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card.

Study title: Emotional Predictors of Performance on a Point-Subtraction Lab Task
IRB Approval number: 13050
Experimenter’s name: Kaitlin Lehmann, Christopher Hughes, Alyssa Jones, Adie Baez, Danielle Cohn, Nathaniel R. Herr
Contact info: valagstudy@gmail.com
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 1.5
Eligibility requirements: Determined by screening measure
Description of study: Eligibility will be determined by an online survey. Individuals who are deemed eligible by this survey will be invited to come into the lab to participate in the study. Participation in this study involves first completing a set of questionnaires that will ask about different aspects of your personality and mood state. Next, you will be asked to participate in a mood induction task that is intended to evoke mild feelings of sadness. During this task, we will be monitoring your heart rate, which is a physiological sign of emotional experience. Finally, you will participate in the point-subtraction task, which is similar to a game in which you will have to acquire as many points as you can. The total amount of time for your participation in this study is 60-90 minutes.

Study title: Body Image Experiences Study
IRB Approval number: IRB Approval Protocol #13142
Experimenter’s name: Rachelle Calixte
Contact info: email: rc7543a@student.american.edu
Time Commitment: 1 hour
Number of credits: 1 credit
Eligibility requirements: Must be female, at least 18 years old
Description of study: This study examines different ways that people recall personal experiences, specifically experiences related to the appearance of their body. The study involves questionnaires and computer-based tasks.

Study title: Exploration of Dissonance-Based Body Dissatisfaction Prevention
IRB Approval number: 13096
Experimenter’s name: Sarah Godoy, M.A.
Contact info: AUbodyimageresearch@gmail.com
Time Commitment: Maximum 2 hours
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 2
Eligibility requirements: Female; Age between 18 and 30; Have experienced body dissatisfaction and/or have an interest in exploring body image issues
Description of study: Participants will be assigned to workshop groups about body image and will engage in related discussion and activities shown to be effective in reducing body dissatisfaction. This workshop will be between one and two hours and will be led or co-led by experienced Psychology graduate students. In addition to joining a group discussion, participants will also complete survey data and be asked to complete a two-week follow-up online questionnaire. Compensation (research participation credit/extra credit in eligible Psychology classes or entry into $50 gift card lottery) will be offered. All information is kept confidential.

Study title: The Relationship Study
IRB Approval number: 13110
Experimenter’s name: Josh Clark
Contact info: jc7993a@american.edu
Time Commitment: 1 hour, plus brief daily commitments (2 weeks, adding up to 1 extra credit)
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 2
Eligibility requirements: Ages 18-25, In an exclusive relationship for at least 1 month
Description of study: We are looking for participants for a study that examines the influence of coping style on relationship health. This study should involves completing a 60 minute questionnaire in the Stress and Emotion Laboratory and then completing daily 5 minute questionnaires for 2 weeks from any computer with internet access. Your partner will be asked to complete one 30 minute questionnaire from any computer with internet access. You may participate if you are 18 year to 25 and currently in an exclusive relationship of at least 1 month.
You will receive up to 2 credits toward the research experience credit for Psych 116/105, OR 2 extra credits toward a psychology course (if offered) and you may be entered into a lottery for $50. Odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 25. Your partner will receive a $5 gift card and be entered into a lottery for $50. Odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 25.

Study title: Thought Exercise Study
IRB Approval number: 13185 Experimenter’s name: Emily Maher
Contact info: asbury145@gmail.com
Time Commitment: 1 hour 
Number of credits: 1 credit 
Eligibility requirements: 18 years or older 
Description of study: This study examines the way a brief thought exercise may impact the way people think about a variety of issues. In this study, participants will complete a short thought exercise, followed by a series of questionnaires and a writing task.   

Study Title: The Effect of Mental Activities on Performance
IRB Exempt Protocol #13181
Experimenter: Laura Herron
Contact Info: lh7195a@student.american.edu
Time Commitment: 1.25 hours
Credits: 1.5
Eligibility Requirements: Must be 18 or older
Description of the study: This study explores the way different mental activities affect performance. Participants will take part in a series of back-to-back mental exercises as well as interspersed questionnaires about thoughts and feelings during the activities. Compensation: Participants will receive 1.25 credits for 1.5 hours of participation.

Study title: Exploring the ERP Correlates of Memory and Cognition
IRB Approval number: #13215
Experimenter’s name: Joyce Oates
Contact info: joyce.oates@american.edu
Time Commitment: About 2 hours
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 2 credits
Eligibility requirements: Right-handed females ages 18-22.
Description of study: We are investigating brain activity related to perception, memory, and cognition. Participation is about 2 hours and you will receive 2 research credits.
You will be asked to make judgments about lists of words, pseudo-words, sentences, pictures, sounds, and/or numbers presented on a computer screen. Afterwards, you may be given a memory test for the previously studied material. Responses will be made on a keyboard and/or button box and accuracies and reaction times will be recorded. In addition, you will wear a sensor cap while you perform the task(s). The sensor cap will collect electroencephalogram (EEG/ERP) data, which is a recording of the electrical activity on the scalp. The EEG recording requires application of a small amount of water-soluble gel. The gel can be easily washed out at the end of the experiment using the washroom in the lab.

Study title: How Good is Your Memory for Faces?
IRB Approval number: # 12193
Experimenter’s name: Joyce Oates
Contact info: joyce.oates@american.edu
Time Commitment: About 10 mins
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 1/2
Eligibility requirements: Females ages 18-22
Description of study: Take a short memory test for faces and receive your accuracy score. This experiment is open to females ages 18-22. Email joyce.oates@american.edu and mention the half credit faces for information on how to participate.

Study title: Perception of emotion in speech
IRB Approval number: Protocol #12050 (exempt status)
Experimenter’s name: Jordan Wyatt
Contact info: JordanWyattChess@yahoo.com
Time Commitment: Approximately 30 minutes
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 0.5
Eligibility requirements: no special eligibility requirements
Description of study: We are investigating factors that affect perception of emotion in human speech. Participants will listen to and evaluate various speech excerpts for their emotional content. The study will take approximately 1/2 hour, and participants will receive 1/2 research credit.

Study Title: Recognition of Singing and Speaking Voices
IRB Approval number: #13205
Experimenter's name: Juliana Repice
Contact Info: juliana.repice@student. american.edu
Time Commitment: 5-10 minutes
Number of Credits: .5 credit
Eligibility requirements: must be 18 to 30 years old
Description of study: We are collecting stimuli for a future experiment that will look at voice recognition. You will simply be asked to sing and speak several very basic and easy phrases (you don't need to be a singer or anything).

Study Title: Face Recognition
IRB Approval number: 1273276
Experimenter’s name: Wenyan Bi
Contact Info: wb1918a@student. american.edu
Time Commitment: 45-60min (or 10-15min)
Number of Credits: 1 (or 0.5)
Eligibility requirement: no
Description of study: In this experiment you only need to math pictures of human faces. This experiment aims to examine human’s ability of matching the faces of children with those of when they’ve grown up. The result of this experiment will have implications in tracking the missing children. Please specify which one you would like to participate (45-60min or 10-15min).

Study title: Energy Drink Preferences
IRB Approval number: 13178
Experimenter’s name: Rachael Burgower
Contact info: 713-553-9787713-553-9787 or rb7457a@american.edu
Time Commitment: 4 weeks, with 5 lab visits
Number of credits (1 credit = approx. 1 hour commitment): 3
Eligibility requirements: will need to complete an email screen with bphpstudy29@gmail.com in order to determine eligibility
Description of study: Participants will consume one energy drink daily for 28 days and their reactions to the drink will be assessed.

Study title: Sleep, Mood, and Cognition Study

IRB Approval number: 14010

Experimenter’s name: Lauren Skalina

Contact info: ls0292a@student.american.edu

Time Commitment: 1 week of sleep monitoring and daily assessments plus 1.5 hours of laboratory-based assessment

Number of credits: 2.5 (1 for week of monitoring, 1.5 for lab visit) OR up to $10.50 cash for week of sleep monitoring and 1.5 credits for lab visit

Eligibility requirements: Must be an undergraduate student at AU and 18 years of age or older

Description of study: Participants needed for a study of sleep habits, mood, and cognitive functioning. Participants will wear an actigraph watch continuously for 1 week to monitor their sleep and fill out daily questionnaires about their sleep. At the end of the week, they will come to the lab to complete some short cognitive tasks as well as several questionnaires about their sleep and mood. Compensation is 2.5 research credits for Psychology students enrolled in Psyc 105/116 or up to $10.50 cash, depending on number of daily assessments completed, plus 1.5 research credits. If interested, please email Lauren Skalina at ls0292a@student.american.edu, or call the Stress and Emotion Lab at 202-885-3933202-885-3933.