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WCALB | Past Program, 2010

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park, Colorado
January 30 - February 3, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

7:30pm -- Buffet Reception
Snowblaze Building B - Unit 34

All paper sessions are in the Conference Room on the second floor of Snowblaze. The Conference Room will open a half-hour before a session is scheduled to begin for those who want to arrive early and "mingle".

Sunday, January 31, 2010*

4:30pm-Animal Learning: General and Behavioral Pharmacology
Melinda Beane, Chair

Location Change Detection by Pigeons --Kenneth J. Leising*, Anthony A. Wright*, Jacquelyne Rivera*, Jeff S. Katz** & John F. Magnotti** (*University of Texas Medical School at Houston & **Auburn University) (15 min)

Resistance to extinction of learned preference based on flavor-nutrient associations - Kevin Myers (Bucknell University) (15 min)

The Effects of Nicotine on Resistance to Extinction of Responding for a Visual Stimulus. Scott T. Barrett, Matt E. Tracy & Rick A Bevins (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) (15 min)

Drug History and the Conditioned Inhibition of Self-Administration. Stanley J. Weiss & David N. Kearns (American University) (20 min)

Spatiotemporal Distribution of Behavior: Molar Measures and Adjustment Indexes. Mario Serrano* & Emilio Ribes* ** (*Universidad Veracruzana & **Universidad de Guadalajara) (Poster)

Ten-Minute Break

Andrew Delamater, Chair

Rational Rats: Causal Inference and Representation

Aaron Blaisdell

University of California, Los Angeles

Abstract--David Hume posed a dilemma: How do we derive cause-effect relationships in the absence of direct causal perception? His answer was that knowledge of the causal texture of the world was merely an inference (or illusion) derived from observed statistical regularities. Recent challenges from Philosophy, Statistics, and Psychology argue that we can go beyond the information given (i.e., contingency) by dissecting cause-effect relationships using our own actions (i.e., interventions) on the world. I will present evidence that like humans, rats a) build causal models of the world, derive causal inferences from their interventions, and are sensitive to the difference between the observed world and its images. I also show how rats may not be as functionally sophisticated as the scientists who study them. These experiments raise important questions about the interface between learning and cognition.

Monday, February 1, 2010*

4:30pm--Focus Session
Steve Fountain, Chair

The Interface Between Learning and Cognition

In search of a viable distinction between cognition and "mere association". Cameron Buckner (Indiana University) (30 min)

Associate Models of Cognition Versus Cognitive Models of Association. Andy Baker (McGill University) (30 min)

Cognitive Dissonance in Rats? A Reminder of Lloyd Morgan's cannon. Dominic Dwyer (Cardiff University, Wales) (30 min)

Ten-Minute Break

Animal Models of Cognition. Jonathon Crystal (University of Georgia) (30 min)

Nature of Representations and How they Guide Performance. Andrew Delamater (City University of New York, Brooklyn) (30 min)

8:15pm--Conference Dinner at Fontanot's

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4:30pm- Focus Session (continued)
Jonathon Crystal, Chair

Rapid Sequence Learning Facilitates Flexible Behavior in Rats. Melinda Beane (Lane College) (30 min)

The Organization of Sequential Behavior: Association and Abstraction. Stephen Fountain Kent State University (30 min))

Ten-Minute Break

5:45pm-Research Seminar: The Interface Between Learning and Cognition
Aaron Blaisdell, Facilitator

Andy Baker, Melinda Beane, Cameron Buckner. Jonathon Crystal, Andrew Delamater, & Dominic Dwyer with participation by other conference participants encouraged.

A video recording of the Research Seminar, where we debated and discussed these issues in an open format, is available for viewing on Vimeo: Part 1 ( and Part 2 (

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 -- Check out time is 10am

WCALB 2010 Organizing Committee

Stan Weiss, Convener, Program & Focus Session
Aaron Blaisdell, Focus Session
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks
Kevin Myers
Mark Reilly
Bill Timberlake

*Five minutes will be added to the presentation times indicated for questions and discussion.

WCALB 2010 Participants

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