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Science and Policy: Undergraduate Certificate

Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Science and Policy certificate program is designed to provide STEM students with exposure and experience at the intersection of science and policy. This includes understanding the process of making policies that affect scientific research, application, and enterprise, as well as policies informed by robust scientific evidence. Student in the program will have opportunities to: apply scientific knowledge and technical skills to real-world problems; learn how to bridge the gap between science and policy; hear from science policy experts; gain valuable insider understanding of how science-relevant policy is shaped; improve critical thinking and communication skills; and learn about career paths at the intersection of science and policy.

At the end of each academic year, four of the students who have completed the certificate will be selected by a jury to receive a monetary award. 

How to Apply

Admission to the program is open to all students, in at least their second year, majoring in a STEM field. This includes all students majoring in any of the programs offered by the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Health Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Neuroscience, Physics, and Psychology.

On the application form, students should propose a topic at the intersection of science and policy that they would like to explore in an independent study or internship with the guidance of a CAS science and SPA faculty mentor.

To apply, download and complete the application form and return it to the Program Director Prof. Stefano Costanzi at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications received after the registration period will be reviewed and processed, but students may not be able to start coursework the following semester.

The application form needs to be co-signed by the applicant’s science mentor. Students who do not have a science mentor committed to supervising them on this project should reach out to Prof. Costanzi, who will facilitate the matching process. For more information, please email