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CHRS | About


CHRS is committed to ensuring that social science theories, concepts and methods are well represented in research aimed at understanding and analyzing health. This approach recognizes that health, and the factors associated with it, can be conceptualized at multiple levels, including individual, organizational, institutional, community, population, and global. The Center fosters research for the purposes of advancing academic understanding of health and of improving health-related outcomes locally, nationally, and globally.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote innovative interdisciplinary health-related research using social science theories, concepts, and methods
  • Foster a sense of community and collaboration among researchers
  • Facilitate externally funded health-related research
  • Influence health-related debates and policies
  • Gain media exposure for the contributions of social science perspectives in promoting understanding of health 
  • Expand social science theories, concepts and methods by applying them to health-related questions
  • Contribute to improved health outcomes locally, nationally, and globally


  • Weekly seminar series
  • Undergraduate internship program
  • Sponsorship of thematic working groups, currently including: Community Disruption and Health; Global Health Governance; and Social Determinants and Structural Interventions
  • Mentoring and consultations
  • Support of grant development and grant administration
  • Office space
  • RA support
  • Bibliographic resources