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Center for Health, Risk, and Society Affiliate Faculty

Nicole Angotti Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Nicole Angotti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. Her research focuses on social, cultural and institutional dimensions of health and wellbeing, with particular attention to the

  (202) 885-2421

Michael Bader Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Michael Bader studies how cities and neighborhoods have evolved since the height of the Civil Rights Movement. He links long-term patterns of neighborhood racial change to the ways that race and class

  (202) 885-2433

Kim Blankenship Associate Dean for Research, CAS CAS - Sociology

Kim M. Blankenship, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core of the District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research. She previously served

  (202) 885-6211

Lauren Carruth Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Professor Lauren Carruth is a medical anthropologist specializing in humanitarian assistance, global health, food security, refugees, and the Horn of Africa. Professor Carruth leads the Environmenta

  (202) 885-6694

Ernesto Castaneda-Tinoco Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Ernesto Castañeda conducts research on migration, urban issues, health disparities, vulnerable populations, and social movements. He compares immigrant integration and ethnic political mobilization in

  (202) 885-2412

Maria De Jesus Associate Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Dr. Maria De Jesus brings to AU a wealth of research and teaching experiences in the area of health inequalities, a critical area of focus in interstate and transnational relations. Her research exami

  (202) 885-6392

Daniel Esser Associate Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Professor Esser's current research investigates social foundations of political legitimacy in non-democratic settings, with a geographic focus on urban areas in the global South. This new line of inqu

  (202) 885-1892

Jolynn Gardner Director, Public Health Program CAS - Health Studies

Jolynn Gardner is the Director of the Public Health Program in the Department of Health Studies. Dr. Gardner has over 25 years of experience in undergraduate Public Health education. She earned a doct

  (202) 885-3943

Sonya Grier Professor KSB - Marketing

Professor Grier conducts interdisciplinary research on topics related to target marketing, race in the marketplace, the social impact of commercial marketing, and social marketing. Her current researc

  (202) 885-1971

Derek Hyra Associate Professor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Derek Hyra is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University. His research focuses on processes of neighborhood change, with an emphasis on housing, urban politics, and

  (202) 885-2440

Alan Kraut University Professor CAS - History

Alan M. Kraut is University Professor of History at American University and a non-resident fellow of the Migration Policy Institute. Specializing in immigration and ethnic history and the history of

  (202) 885-2410

Robin Lumsdaine Professor KSB - Finance and Real Estate

Robin Lumsdaine joined the Kogod School of Business at American University as the Crown Prince of Bahrain Chair in International Finance. She was previously an Associate Director in the Division of Ba

  (202) 885-1964

Taryn Morrissey Associate Professor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Dr. Morrissey's work centers on examining and improving public policies for vulnerable children. She is Associate Professor of public policy at AU, a non-resident fellow at the Urban Institute, and a

  (202) 885-6323

Adrienne Pine Associate Professor CAS - Anthropology

Adrienne Pine is a militant medical anthropologist who has worked in Honduras, Mexico, Korea, the United States, Egypt, and Cuba. In her book, Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in

  (202) 885-1845

Rachel Robinson Associate Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Dr. Robinson is a sociologist and demographer whose research focuses on global health interventions in sub-Saharan Africa, including family planning, HIV/AIDS, and sexuality education. Her book, Intim

  (202) 885-1636

Cristel Russell Associate Professor KSB - Marketing

Cristel's research focuses on the social, psychological and cultural factors that influence the consumption of alcohol and other substances, especially amongst vulnerable populations (e.g., youth, mil

  (202) 885-1929

Cathy Schneider Associate Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Cathy Lisa Schneider writes and teaches on urban politics, comparative social movements, collective violence, urban policing, criminal justice and racial and ethnic discrimination in Europe, the Unite

  (202) 885-1666

Erdal Tekin Professor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Professor Tekin is an economist with primary research interests in the fields of health economics and demographic economics. Within these fields, the main theme of his research is the economic analysi

  (202) 885-6361

Thespina Yamanis Assistant Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Dr. Thespina (Nina) Yamanis’ professional interests are in identifying the mechanisms that link social and structural conditions to health disparities and in designing community-based interventions to

  (202) 885-6562

Jessica Young Assistant Professor CAS - Health Studies

Jessica Young is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Studies at American University. Her work broadly focuses on health in economically distressed and under-resourced communities. Dr. Y

  (202) 885-2726

Gay Young Department Chair, Sociology CAS - Sociology

(Gloria A.) Gay Young has a longstanding focus on gender and development (GAD) which has led her to study a range of issues, including the nature and consequences of women’s labor force participation

  (202) 885-2254