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CHRS | Past Projects

Challenges and Opportunities for HIV PreventionLaw Enforcement and Gender-Based Violence:

This project is sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and conducted in collaboration with Temple University. It seeks to

  • Demonstrate that laws on gender-based violence, sex work and same-sex relations are structural factors contributing to the HIV transmission among sex workers and sexual minorities
  • Make clear the roles of stigma and gender-based violence within law enforcement administration, policies and practices as prime mechanisms of this effect
  • Recount the evidence that punitive policies are typically ineffective on their own terms and may have negative unintended consequences, too
  • Offer case studies of reforms and interventions that have effectively addressed this problem
  • And set out recommendations for action by stake holders.

This work will primarily involve a comprehensive compilation, review and analysis of existing literature.

PI: Scott Burris (Temple University)
PI on American University subcontract: Kim Blankenship (Department of Sociology)

NIDA Summer Supplement, 2011

During the summer, CHRS hosted summer interns through a supplement to the SHARRPP project. This was part of the National Institute on Drug Abuse's (NIDA) summer internship program, and involved the mentoring of three interns who were selected by NIDA. Two interns, Christleen Casem and Maab Ibrahim, were hosted at CHRS for a period of 9 weeks, while the third intern, Nicolette Kalic, was placed at Yale University, in New Haven, CT where data collection for the SHARRPP project is underway. The internship provided opportunities to conduct literature reviews around incarceration, drug policy and HIV, and exposed interns to the process of data preparation and analysis on a large-scale, multi-method research project. The internship also included outreach to community-based agencies and participation in several community meetings and conferences.

The following interns participated in the summer internship:

Name: Christleen Casem
Hometown: Fremont, CA
School Presently Attending/Level: San Jose State University/Rising Senior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology

Name: Nicolette Kalic
Hometown: San Diego, CA
School Presently Attending/Level: University of California, San Diego/Rising Senior
Major: Communications  
Minor: Global Health

Name: Maab Ibrahim
Hometown: Richmond, VA
School Presently Attending/Level: Duke University/Rising Senior
Major: Public Policy; Global Health Certificate
Minor: Arabic