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Gay Young Department Chair, Sociology CAS - Sociology

(Gloria A.) Gay Young has a longstanding focus on gender and development (GAD) which has led her to study a range of issues, including the nature and consequences of women’s labor force participation

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Full Time Faculty

Nicole Angotti Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Nicole Angotti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and a Research Fellow of the Center on Health, Risk and Society (CHRS). Her research centers on cultural, social and institution

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Michael Bader Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Michael Bader studies how cities and neighborhoods have evolved since the height of the Civil Rights Movement. He links long-term patterns of neighborhood racial change to the ways that race and class

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Kim Blankenship Associate Dean for Research, CAS CAS - Sociology

Kim M. Blankenship, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core of the District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research. She previously served

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Ernesto Castaneda-Tinoco Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Ernesto Castañeda conducts research on migration, urban issues, health disparities, vulnerable populations, and social movements. He compares immigrant integration and ethnic political mobilization in

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Wendy Davis Research Associate Professor CAS - Dean's Office

Wendy Davis is Research Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Managing Director of the Center on Health, Risk and Society (CHRS). Her work focuses on setting, implementing and monitor

Molly Dondero Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Molly Dondero is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. Her research focuses on how immigration, race/ethnicity, social class, and place contribute to population-level inequality in he

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Deanna Kerrigan Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Deanna Kerrigan is a Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Center on Health, Risk, and Society at American University. Her research focuses on social and structural factors affecting the

Susan McDonic Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Susan McDonic's research interests include contemporary religious movements, international development, Africa, Asia and globalization. Specifically she has studied one of the world’s largest developm

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Cynthia Miller-Idriss Professor of Education and Sociology SOE - School of Education

Dr. Cynthia Miller-Idriss is Professor of Education and Sociology at the American University in Washington, DC. She is also Director of Research at the Center for University Excellence (CUE), where sh

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Michelle Newton-Francis Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Newton-Francis is a cultural sociologist and criminologist whose research focuses on questions related to deviance, stigma, gender, and work. She has worked as an applied sociologist for programs

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Celine-Marie Pascale Professor CAS - Sociology

As a sociologist who studies language, Dr. Pascale's research concerns culture, knowledge and power. She is currently studying the lived experience of poverty in rural and urban communities in the U.S

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Randa Serhan Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Randa Serhan is a political sociologist who is interested in immigrant communities, nationalism, and citizenship. She began graduate school in Canada where she was interested in gender and law. Since

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Salvador Vidal-Ortiz Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Vidal-Ortiz's scholarship cuts across racialization, sexuality, gender, migration and religion, and is interdisciplinary. He coedited two award winning books: The Sexuality of Migration, and Queer

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Chenyang Xiao Associate Professor CAS - Sociology

Dr. Xiao earned his MA at University of Toledo, OH, and PhD at Washington State University. His main research interests include environmental beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and public opinion over envi

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Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

Zephi Francis Adjunct Instructor SPA - School of Public Affairs

Zephi Francis is a Research Specialist at American University's Justice Programs Office (JPO). His research interests include racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system, alternatives

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Derek Hyra Associate Professor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Derek Hyra is an associate professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy within the School of Public Affairs at American University. His research focuses on processes of neighborhood

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Rita Jalali Scholar in Residence

Rita Jalali, Ph.D is a sociologist and Scholar in Residence in the Department of Sociology and Center on Health, Risk, and Society (CHRS). Her research has focused on cross-national issues of race and

Emerita and Emeritus Faculty

Esther Chow Prof Emerita

Esther Ngan-ling Chow has a wide range of teaching and research interests that span from the intersectionality of race/ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality; work and family; social inequality and ju

Russell Stone Prof Emeritus

Russell A. Stone has research and teaching interests that include development, public opinion, social change, Middle Eastern and Third World societies, and environmental sociology. He has published on

Sociology Department Staff


Michael Murphy Adjunct Instructor CAS - Sociology

After more than thirty years spent in non-profit administration, I've returned to American where I first worked many, many years ago when I first moved to DC. When not working I'm writing, taking pict

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