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TESOL | Master's International Program/MA in TESOL

Master's International Program Requirements

The Master's International Program consists of a total of 36 credit hours.

Core Courses (27 credit hours):

  • TESL-500 Principles of Linguistics 
  • TESL-501 English Language Teaching I (Prerequisite for TESL-502)  
  • TESL-502 English Language Teaching II  
  • TESL-503 Structure of English (Prerequisite: TESL-500)  
  • TESL-523 Second Language Acquisition  
  • TESL-527 Cultural Issues in the ESL/EFL classroom or ANTH-537 Topics in Language and Culture
  • TESL-531 Language Assessment
  • TESL-541 Teaching Grammar or  TESL-542 Teaching Pronunciation
  • TESL-620 ELT III (waived)
Electives (3 credits)
  • Three credits of approved TESOL electives

Peace Corps Internship (6 credits):

  • TESL-693 Peace Corps Internship. The six credits for this internship will be completed during the Peace Corps service. Tuition is waived.