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Major TESOL Fall Events

Fall 2018 Conference

October 6, saturday

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Pronunciation Workshop

Call 'Em As You 'Ear 'Em

February 24, 2018

Dr. Robin Barr takes you on a journey beyond vowels and consonants - into syllables, rhythm, intonation, stress, linking, and even - the brain!

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Categorical Pizza

April 3, 2018 

8:10pm - 9:30pm

MGC 247

Dr. Robin Barr will explain the fundamentals of Categorical Perception and how it relates to pronunciation instruction.

Three-day Intensive Summer Workshop 2018

Multilingualism and Social Justice: What Can TESOL Professional Do?

June 22-24, 2018

Dr. Lourdes Ortega and Dr. Nicholas Subtirelu will lead the workshop about different forms of injustice that commonly arise in the work of TESOL professionals

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