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Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Gender identity rainbow.

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGSS) is an interdisciplinary program encompassing feminist studies, masculinity studies, and sexuality studies. The program is committed to a multicultural curriculum that sustains and integrates diverse perspectives. WGSS courses emphasize participatory education in which student involvement, critical thinking, and personal insight are encouraged and made relevant in the learning process. Students who major or minor in WGSS gain experience off-campus in the nation’s capital through an internship placement in an organization or agency whose mission embraces some aspect of women’s/gender/sexuality studies.

A degree in WGSS opens the door to a variety of challenging careers in a wide spectrum of occupations. An undergraduate education in WGSS also equips students with a range of skills which are highly valued in the 21st century labor force. The curriculum prepares students for graduate study in the fields of women’s / gender / sexuality studies or for advanced study in traditional disciplines and professional fields. AU students can combine graduate-level coursework in WGSS theory, current issues and research with a program of study in a traditional discipline leading to the MA or PhD degree. Participating graduate programs include anthropology, art, communication, economics, education, government, history, international relations, literature, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.


Office Information
Battelle Tompkins T-21

Program Director
Dr. Lauren Weis
Battelle Tompkins T-12
Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 1:00pm-3:00pm