Internship Registration

Below you will find detailed instructions for registering for your internship; please reach out to Professor Barber ( if you have any questions. It is imperative to complete the form correctly, so please take your time and double-check your work.

As you plan your schedule, please note that WGSS-491-001 in Fall 2021 will include the following four Wednesday (3:30-4:45 pm) meetings:

  • September 29
  • October 6
  • October 27 
  • November 17

Registration Form

It is not possible to register for an internship online. Everyone must correctly complete all portions of the AU Internship Registration Form:

  • Find the Internship Registration Form (listed alphabetically) at the AU Registrar Forms page
  • Course number: WGSS 491-001
  • Instructor: Amy Barber
  • Credits: 3 (unless you are doing 1- and 2-credit internships). Refer to the chart on the WGSS Internships page for a guide to credit hours for internships. The internship is now optional. If you elect not to take the internship, you will instead be required to take a WGSS course at the 300 level or above in order to complete the degree.
  • Grade Option: A/F
  • Learning Outcomes:
    Develop and refine both critical and abstract thinking;
    Employ effective communication, speaking, and presentation skills;
    Exercise essential civic engagement skills;
    Organize and synthesize material in new and effective ways;
    Practice creative problem solving;
    Write clearly and creatively;
    Work collaboratively
  • Please fill in all of the information that you can regarding hours and schedule (making sure that you have enough hours/week to receive the amount of credit you desire to earn). To earn three credits you must have at least 15 hours/week for 14 weeks, as detailed on WGSS Internships.
  • You must include a start and end date.
  • You are responsible for getting the signature of your internship supervisor.
  • We will take care of getting the signature of the CAS academic advisor for WGSS, Hadiya Alexander.
  • Once you have completed the form, you can send a digital copy to Amy Barber (, and we'll send it to the registrar's office, copying you so that you know that that has been done.

Please note that if any part of the form is not completed or incorrectly completed, the registrar will reject the form and return it for corrections.