The Jack Child Distinguished Memorial Lecture: Postcards from a Recent Future

, Mary Graydon Conference Room 4

Updated 4/4/13

The Jack Child Memorial Lecture Series was conceived by Dr. Usasi Chatterjee and includes other colleagues and invited speakers to honor the memory of the late professor of Spanish and University Professor Jack Child. The speakers share information about Professor Child's work and contribution to the Department of World languages and Cultures. The lecture honors his commitment to teaching with technology and how it informs foreign language acquisition and teaching relating further research and innovations in the area along with a PowerPoint presentation. Professor Child's widow, faculty, students, and alumni attend this event. The lecture is also followed by a lunch.

2013 lecture: "Postcards from a Recent Future"
By Gorky Cruz, Director the Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition, and Research (CLEAR)
Language & Foreign Studies
Dr. Usasi Chatterjee

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