Portuguese Study

Igazu Falls in Brazil; Source: Fotopedia.

The World Languages and Cultures Department supports the growing interest in Latin America with an expanded program for Brazilian Portuguese language. The main goal of the program is attaining early proficiency in listening, speaking and reading the language. Listening comprehension exercises are stressed at all levels and activities make use of multimedia resources. In-class Portuguese communication between instructor and students is a regular feature of all classes.

Portuguese Courses

Please see the Eagle Service Course Catalog for course offerings.

  • PORT-102 Hybrid - Elementary Portuguese I
  • PORT-103 Hybrid - Elementary Portuguese II
  • PORT-202 Hybrid - Intermediate Portuguese I
  • PORT-203 Hybrid - Intermediate Portuguese II
  • GNED 230 - General Education Area 3 -Brazil: Samba, Soccer, Cinema ... and Beyond!
  • PORT 310 - Race and Religion in Brazil (Cultural Inquiry Habits of Mind Course) - In English

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