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WLC faculty earn AU awards Gorky Cruz and Juliana Martinez recognized for their contributions.

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World Languages and Cultures is thrilled to share that two of our faculty have been awarded for their contributions in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Gorky Cruz, Director of CLEAR the Center for Language Exploration Acquisition and Research, and adjunct professor in the Spanish Program has been awarded the College Dean's Award for Outstanding Contributions to an Inclusive Community. This award is given by the College of Arts and Sciences.

This award recognizes and honors the contributions of faculty and staff in building an inclusive community by raising awareness of opportunities and challenges, fostering dialogue, providing insight and innovations, and/or implementing change.

Gorky has been recognized specifically for his transformation of a language laboratory into a linguistic and cultural hub of diversity and inclusion, and his inclusive vision of CLEAR as a locus of activity for the many diverse linguistic and cultural groups on our campus.

Assistant Professor Juliana Martinez has been recognized by Center for Teaching Research and Learning (CTRL)with the Jack Child Teaching with Technology Award. This recognizes faculty who demonstrate creativity in using technology in their teaching. She and other awardees will be honored at a luncheon on 16 May.