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Christine Platt
Managing Director, Antiracist Research & Policy Center

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The Center's Vision

The Antiracist Research and Policy Center is founded on a new vision of racial change. To eradicate racist ideas, we must eradicate racial inequity. To eradicate racial inequity, we must eradicate racist policies. To eradicate racist polices, we must bring them to light and execute powerful campaigns of change.

The old and popular vision of racial change is based on the common construction of the race problem: that ignorance and hate lead to racist ideas and racist ideas lead to racist policies. Thus, the most logical solution is education and persuasion. But even the most well-meaning and effective educational and persuasion efforts have not eradicated discrimination and inequality. The production of racist ideas did not come out of ignorance or hate, but out of a need to rationalize inequity, out of a need to justify discrimination.

The source of racial inequality—racist policies—is dividing and devastating human bodies while ideas that justify inequality are dividing and devastating human minds.

Based on this new vision of change that's grounded in historical revelation, we're creating an Antiracism Center unlike any other. While scholarly race centers generally focus on research for education, The Antiracist Research and Policy Center will primarily focus on policy change. Our multipronged Antiracist Education Project seeks to change the belief system that the racial problem is bad people instead of bad policy. 

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What Makes Our Vision DIfferent