With scholars being pulled into policy creation, with policy experts being pulled into journalism, with journalists being pulled into advocacy, with advocates being pulled in all these directions, our vision allows for these professionals to spearhead their own lanes of expertise while benefiting from the production of each other.


  • Assemble & fund six annual teams of scholars, policy experts, journalists, and advocates
  • Decide amongst team members the most critical racial inequity in each of their six areas that demands research and policy change


  • Courses at American University could be created by each team member based on their individual portion of the team projects. Their students become their research and policy assistants

Led by scholars

  • Study that critical inequity at a local, national, transnational, and international level
  • Discover discriminatory policies causing inequity

Led by policy experts

  • Create egalitarian policy correctives that reduce or abolish inequity


Led by journalists

  • Disseminate research findings and policy correctives

Led by advocates

  • Develop and execute innovative campaigns of change to institute policy correctives