Institute for IDEAS

Institute for Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications, and Stories

Joining the Institute for IDEAS

Interested in working with us? Below, we explain how you can get involved in cutting-edge immersive technology research and creative work.

Research Assistantships

Institute for IDEAS offers paid research assistantships to doctoral or masters students interested in immersive technologies. Please contact us for details at

Post-doctoral Students

Faculty affiliated with the Institute for IDEAS often offer paid, externally-funded post-doctoral positions for persons holding a PhD degree. For details, see the People page and contact the faculty related to your field directly.

Visiting Scholars

Institute for IDEAS hosts Visiting Scholars. Visiting Scholars must provide their own funding. Visiting Scholars may be national and international faculty, graduate students, and professionals who come to the Institute at the invitation of a Faculty Fellow for a limited period of time to work on a specific immersive project. If you are interested in a Visiting Scholar position, contact us at

Artists In-Residence

An artist In-Residence is a person invited and sponsored by a Faculty Fellow and working under supervision or independently on an immersive arts project. Contact a faculty of your choice to inquire for details.

Faculty Fellows

The Institue for IDEAS welcomes collaboration with faculty across all schools of American University and beyond. If you do research related to immersive technologies, and you need support or want to collaborate on a project, drop us an email at