Institute for IDEAS

Institute for Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications, and Stories



Institute for IDEAS collaborates with universities and industry partners worldwide. In addition, faculty affiliated with the Institute for IDEAS participate in a variety of ongoing collaborations and partnerships with NASA, Princeton University, UC Davis, LIGO, and more. 
If you represent an institution, private or public, interested in immersive technologies, please contact us at

George Washington University

Currently, we have two active research projects with George Washington University. The first project, funded by $1.5m NSF grant, focuses on using volumetric capture and spatial computing to augment the training process for remote medical personnel. The second project is the immersive educational system for teaching proportional reasoning using brainwaves to modulate difficulty.

California State Polytechnic University

Our collaboration with Cal Poly involve a number of immersive educational projects. The faculty at the Institute for IDEAS has coauthored a number of papers with Cal Poly faculty and are currently working on five research projects, of which three are led by Cal Poly and two by the Institute for IDEAS.

Graz University of Technology, Austria

Currently, Institute for IDEAS hosts a visiting scholar from Graz University of Technology, who works on a virtual reality deep learning project that has both research and commercial potential. 

University of Waterloo, Canada

Top-ranked in Computer Science, University of Waterloo faculty coauthored many papers of the Institute for IDEAS and are actively engaged in current research projects. 

Immersive Learning and Research Network

Institute for IDEAS is a part of Immersive Learning and Research Network, an international organization associating faculty and institutions related to immersive technologies and media.