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AD-HOC Mixed-Reality Exhibition Designer


AHMED system makes it easy for museum and art exhibition curators to create and deploy interactive mixed-reality exhibitions at any location, for example during a fundraising event, at a school, or in the home of the museum visitor. 

The exhibition visitor interacts with the holograms of the museum, or art artifacts and the volumetric recordings of an artist, an explorer, or a historian. The artifacts are interacted with using freehand interaction – no need to hold any device. In the project, we proposed a process of low-cost volumetric capture and photogrammetric reconstruction of the objects. With the future proliferation of wearable mixed reality devices, we believe that this mode of exposure to museums and galleries may become an effective method of engaging new audiences.

We used AHMED system to designed and implemented an interactive, mixed-reality educational experience for The Museum of the Peace Corps Experiences. The experience was presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC using Magic Leap mixed-reality glasses. See 360 video.

Related Publications:

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