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A glacier in Peru under heavy clouds

Working in collaboration with partners in Washington and beyond, the Center brings to bear insights from researchers and practitioners who illuminate their research-based findings through film.

Fire and Ice on the Mountain

As a part of the Center's work on Religion and Climate Change, School of Communication Journalist in Residence Bill Gentile traveled to Peru in June 2017 to document the annual ceremony honoring the Andean New Year. The event takes place at the Huaytapallana mountain, just outside the city of Huancayo, located about 120 miles east of the Peruvian capital of Lima. The film explores how the melting glacier of the Huaytapallana mountain impacts Peruvians' cosmovision or, their spiritual relationship with nature and their understanding of their place in it.

Watch the full documentary.

Coffee, Catholics and Climate Change

Contributing to the Center's work on Religion and Climate Change, International Reporting Fellow Camila DeChalus examines how small-scale coffee farmers in Colombia are fighting against the impact of climate change. With assistance from the Catholic Church, families in the Nariño province are now experimenting with techniques to sustain coffee cultivation and diversify agricultural production amidst severe climate change.

Watch the full documentary.

When the Forest Weeps

As part of the Center's Luce Foundation-funded initiative on Religion and Democratic Contestation in Latin America, School of Communication Journalist in Residence Bill Gentile shot and produced the documentary short "When the Forest Weeps" while on assignment in Ecuador. The piece highlights the spiritual relationship between the Kichwa indigenous people and the Ecuadoran Amazon rain forest.

Watch the full documentary here.

God and Gangs: Criminal Violence and Religion in Guatemala

"God and Gangs: Criminal Violence and Religion in Guatemala" is a series of three short videos that sketch the context of gang violence in Guatemala and highlight the role of religion as a potential source for both individual and social transformation. As a part of the Luce Foundation-funded project on Religion and Violence in Latin America, the series profiles the work of sociologist Robert Brenneman as he interviews former gang members who have exited the criminal world by converting to Pentecostalism.

Watch this documentary in three parts:

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