Researching the Far Right:
Method and Ethics Webinar Series

Co-organized by C-REX and PERIL.


September 10: Studying the peripheries: Iconography and embodiment in far right youth cultures with Cynthia Miller-Idriss (PERIL, American University) 

October 8: Methodology matters: researching the far right with Amy Fisher (University of Dallas) 

November 12: Challenges and opportunities of social media research with Jasper Muis (University of Amsterdam) and Ofra Klein (EUI) 

December 10: Methods for mapping far right violence with Anders R. Jupskås (C-REX, University of Oslo) 


January 7: Observing and interpreting far right demonstrations with Joel Busher (Coventry University) and Fabian Virchow (FORENA, HSD - Hochschule Düsseldorf) 

February 11: Normalization to the right: Analyzing the micro-politics of the far right with Ruth Wodak (University of Vienna) 

March 11: When your far right informants are planning something illegal with Katrine Fangen (C-REX, University of Oslo)  

April 8: The relationship between words and actions – and implications for our methods with Kurt Braddock (PERIL, American University) and Bart Schuurman (ISGA) 

May 13: Studying local context to fathom far right mobilization with John W. P. Veuglers and Cathrine Thorleifsson (C-REX, University of Oslo) 

June 10: Overcoming racialization in the field with Vidhya Ramalingam (Moonshot) and Uzair Ahmed (C-REX, University of Oslo)