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Summer 2015

SIS Prof. Matthew Taylor Quoted in NYT

CLALS Faculty Affiliate and SIS Associate Prof. Matthew Taylor was quoted in a New York Times article on the fallout of the Petrobras scandal in Brazil: "Th[e] crisis goes to the heart of Brazilian state capitalism, the blurring of lines between state economic policies and state benefactors."

Brenner Joins Celebration at Re-opened Cuban Embassy

The Washington Post featured SIS Professor Philip Brenner in its article covering the reopening of the Cuban Embassy in Washington: "There was a war for 56 years, and the war is over." Other attendees of the historic event included Cuban folksinger Silvio Rodríguez, actor Danny Glover, and Congressmen Jeff Flake and José Serrano.

LeoGrande Speaks on the Benefits of Reopening Embassies

After Washington and Havana announced their plans to reopen embassies, SPA professor of government and dean emeritus William LeoGrande enumerated both the practical and symbolic benefits of restoring ties with Cuba. LeoGrande wrote an op-ed for Fox News Latino, and also spoke with The Sun Sentinel, Fox News, The Washington Examiner, and Voice of America.

Washington Post Features Evan Berry on Climate Change and the Papal Encylical

The Washington Post featured CAS Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion Evan Berry in an article discussing U.S. reactions to the recently released papal encyclical on climate change. Berry, a principal investigator for the Center's initiative on Religion and Democratic Contestation in Latin America, recently analyzed the encyclical's potential impact in Latin America on the AULA blog.

Spring 2015

CLALS Report on Venezuela Garners Media Attention

On May 19, CLALS released a new media report, Bias or Neutrality? An Assessment of Television News Coverage in Venezuela by Globovision. The briefing and Q and A at the National Press Club were led by CLALS Director Eric Hershberg, together with researchers Mike McCarthy, Mike Danielson, and Paula Orlando.

See the related article in Market Watch and their interview on Voice of America.

Hershberg Comments on Summit of the Americas in NYT

In an article featured in The New York Times, CLALS Director Eric Hershberg comments on the VII Summit of the Americas, saying that Pres. Obama has been gaining ground in Latin America and should continue to press forward policies that avoid "the old American heavy-handedness in the region."

LeoGrande Discusses Barriers to Normalization

In an op-ed for Newsweek, CLALS Affiliate and government professor William LeoGrande offers a guide on the issues that U.S. and Cuban negotiators will need to overcome to achieve normalization.

Fall 2014

Hershberg and Rathod Discuss TPS and Central American Migrants in Roll Call

CLALS Director Eric Hershberg and WCL Professor Jayesh Rathod make the case to give Temporary Protected Status to Central American migrants in a Roll Call opinion article.

CLALS Director Comments on Changes in U.S.-Cuba Policies

CLALS Director Eric Hershberg offers commentary in a New York Times article covering the new turn in U.S.-Cuba relations and its potential for overcoming 50 years of "unproductive and unfortunate hostility."

SIS Professor Fox Analyzes Case of the Missing Mexican Students

In an article for the Houston Chronicle, CLALS Faculty Affiliate and SIS Professor Jonathan Fox analyzes the case of the missing students in Guerrero, Mexico and discusses its significance as part of a broader climate of repression plaguing the state.

LeoGrande and Kornbluh Publish Back Channel to Cuba

CLALS Faculty Affiliate and SPA Professor William LeoGrande discusses his new book, Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana, co-authored with Peter Kornbluh.

Marguerite Jimenez Appointed as White House Fellow

CLALS congratulates Faculty Affiliate Marguerite Jimenez for her appointment as a 2014-2015 White House Fellow. As one of only fifteen fellows chosen from a national pool of candidates, Marguerite has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to public service and leadership. During her fellowship, she will receive first-hand experience in leadership, policy formulation, and current affairs.

Eric Hershberg Featured in Christian Science Monitor Article

CLALS Director Eric Hershberg offers his take on the efforts of Central American and U.S. leaders regarding the unaccompanied child migrant crisis in a recent Christian Science Monitor article: "Central American leaders on solving child migrant crisis: We can't do it alone."

Héctor Silva Receives Arca Foundation Funding

CLALS Senior Fellow Héctor Silva has been awarded funding from the Arca Foundation to support research on the 1989 Jesuit Massacre and the case's enduring influence on the fortunes of El Salvador's justice system following the 1992 Peace Accords.

Héctor Silva Quoted in The New York Times

CLALS Senior Fellow Héctor Silva provides commentary on the recent surge in unaccompanied child migrants in The New York Times article "As Child Migrants Flood to Border, U.S. Presses Latin America to Act."

William LeoGrande Published in The Huffington Post

In an article for The Huffington Post, CLALS Faculty Affiliate and SPA Professor William M. LeoGrande analyzes results from a new poll confirming growing support among Cuban Americans for engagement with Cuba.

Matthew Taylor Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

CLALS Faculty Affiliate and SIS Associate Professor Matthew Taylor provides commentary on the Brazilian corruption trials in an article in The Wall Street Journal.

Héctor Silva Releases Book on Police and Corruption in El Salvador

At an event co-sponsored by the Inter-American Dialogue, CLALS Senior Fellow Héctor Silva shared findings from his new book, Infiltrators: A Chronicle of Corruption in the National Civil Police of El Salvador. Commentary was provided by Congressman Jim McGovern and InSight Crime Director Steven Dudley. A video of the event is available here.

Spring 2014

CAS Professor Friedman Receives AU Scholar/Teacher Award

CLALS Faculty Affiliate and CAS Professor Max Paul Friedman has received the American University 2014 Scholar/Teacher Award. The prestigious award recognizes exceptional teaching, demonstrated concern for students and colleagues, significant contributions to the university's scholarly life, and commitment to high standards of professional and personal life.

CLALS Event Covered by C-SPAN

Watch C-SPAN's video coverage of the two-panel event "The Republicans' Latino Problem and How It Can Be Fixed," convened by CLALS.

Panel 1: The Main Issues: Complicating Latino Support of the Republican Party

Panel 2: Political Strategies to Connect the Republican Party with Latino Voters

Steven Dudley Quoted in The New York Times

CLALS Research Fellow and Co-Director of InSight Crime Steven Dudley was quoted in a New York Times article analyzing the capture of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman.

William LeoGrande Published in London School of Economics Blog

CLALS Affiliate William M. LeoGrande assesses whether the EU’s current approach requires updating in light of recent developments within Cuba in the London School of Economics blog.

Fall 2013

Ximena Varela Featured on Culture and the Economy

CLALS Affiliate Ximena Varela, panelist at the CLALS sponsored event "Creative and Cultural Industries and the Future of Latin America's Economy," is featured in the AU article "Investing in Culture."

NSF Awards Funding to Todd Eisenstadt

CLALS Affiliate Todd Eisenstadt has received funding from the National Science Foundation for his project, "Collaborative Research: Lawsuits for the Pacha Mama in Ecuador: Explaining the Determinants of New Indigenous Movements to Mitigate Environmental Impacts."

Robert Blecker Published in Valor Econômico

In an interview published in Valor Econômico, CLALS Faculty Affiliate and CAS Professor Robert Blecker argues that a competitive exchange rate is essential to long-term economic growth in Brazil. Access the full article here.

Summer 2013

Steven Dudley Published in The Atlantic

CLALS Research Fellow and Co-Director of InSight Crime Steven Dudley co-authored an article in The Atlantic entitled "The Most Dangerous City in the World Is Not Where You Think It Is." The piece analyzes the roots of increased violence in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America.

Steven Dudley Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor

CLALS Research Fellow and Co-Director of InSight Crime Steven Dudley was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor article analyzing the capture of Zetas leader Treviño Morales.

Adrienne Pine Receives Fulbright Fellowship

CAS Professor Adrienne Pine has received a Fulbright to carry out her research project entitled "Nursing, Health and Democracy in Honduras." The project examines the health impacts of the 2009 U.S.-supported coup in Honduras and explores the ways in which Honduran nurses have responded to state-sponsored violence and the neoliberal restructuring of health care.

Max Paul Friedman Receives Guggenheim Fellowship

CAS Professor Max Paul Friedman has been selected as a 2013 Guggenheim Fellow. The Guggenheim Fellowship will support Friedman’s current research project, “The Containment of the United States: The Latin American Diplomatic Tradition and the Limits of Principle.”

Spring 2013

Immigration Policy Report by Michael Danielson

"Documented Failures: the Consequences of Immigration Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border" a report written by CLALS Doctoral Fellow Michael Danielson has been released on the website.

Héctor Silva Published in El Faro and La Prensa Gráfica

CLALS Research Fellow Héctor Silva recently published an article on immigration reform in La Prensa Gráfica and another published in El Faro on Salvadoran presidential candidates crafting strategies to increase their appeal to key Washington actors.

From the Fields: An American Journey

From the Fields: An American journey a film by CLALS affiliate Carolyn Brown has won the California Film Orson Welles Award - Grand Category and the CreaTV award for Excellence in Directing.

Fall 2012

Eric Hershberg featured as a panelist on U.S.-Brazil policy

CLALS director Eric Hershberg participated as a panelist on the Center for National Policy's event, "Brazil, the Southern Superpower? Policy Implications for the United States."

John Ackerman published in The Atlantic

CLALS Research Fellow John Ackerman assesses the first weeks of Enrique Peña Nieto's presidency and the return of the PRI in his op-ed "Mexico's New President Is Off to a Troubling Start," published in The Atlantic.

Report Release - Transnational Crime in Mexico and Central America

CLALS Fellow Steven Dudley produced a report released by the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars on "Transnational Crime in Mexico and Central America".

John Ackerman published in the Los Angeles Times

CLALS Affiliate John Ackerman penned an op-ed piece, "Latinos Need Immigration Reform, Not Crumbs" which was published in the Los Angeles Times.

Héctor Silva Ávalos published in El Faro

The large majority of the Latino population voted in favor of Obama's re-election. CLALS Research Fellow, Héctor Silva Ávalos analyzes how Obama's next administration will influence future policy reform in the op-ed "Obama después del triunfo: la agenda latinoamericana" published in El Faro.

CLALS Director Quoted by BBC Mundo

As part of BBC Mundo's coverage of the second presidential debate, CLALS Director Eric Hershberg was quoted in the article, "Obama es más agresivo en segundo debate contra Romney." (October 2012).

CLALS featured on AU homepage

As National Hispanic Heritage Month draws to close, AU Communications has written an article highlighting CLALS research on critical issues for Latinos.

InSight Crime co-director quoted in the New York Times

InSight Crime co-director Jeremy McDermott is quoted in a recent New York Times article on US involvement in the arrest of Daniel Barrera, known as "El Loco."

Summer 2012

Eric Hershberg is quoted in the BBC Mundo

Center Director, Eric Hershberg, was quoted in the August 2, BBC Mundo article, Julián Castro, el hispano que inaugurará la Convención Demócrata.

CLALS Research Fellow Published in The Nation

Incoming CLALS Fellow, John M. Ackerman of UNAM, provides insight on the state of democracy in Mexico and the 2012 presidential elections, in the article "A Left-Wing Comeback in Mexico's Presidential Elections?" published in The Nation.

CLALS Research Fellow Awarded Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

Congratulations to Steven Dudley, CLALS Research Fellow, on being selected for the 2013 Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship Class.

Spring 2012

SSRC Fellowship Awarded to CLALS Affiliate

SIS Professor and CLALS Affiliate, Daniel Esser was awarded a peer-reviewed Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) for research to be carried out on urban violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

MACLAS Awards 2012

March 2012

Congratulations to American University students, Tom Long and Allison Sylvester, who were selected for the best graduate and undergraduate paper awards, respectively at the 2012 Annual MACLAS Conference.

Fall 2011

CLALS Director, Eric Hershberg's, editorial featured in NACLA Report on the Americas

August, 2011

Read Director Eric Hershberg's editorial about recent economic reforms in Cuba in the August issue of NACLA Report on the Americas.

Spring 2011

The Cuban Evolution

April 21, 2011

Please click here to see CLALS Director, Eric Hershberg, interviewed on Al Jazeera on the future of revolutionary Cuba.

InSight Organized Crime

March 3, 2011

CLALS-hosted InSight serves as a key reference on organized crime in the Americas for journalists, policymakers, and the private sectors, as noted in a recent front page New York Times article.


Victor Armony (left) and Arlene Tickner (right) discuss a point at the Hemisphere in Flux Wrokshop.

Kathleen Bruhn, Mike Danielson and Todd Esienstadt in the March 2011 workshop, Economics, Politics and Violence in Contemporary Mexico
Omar Everleny Pérez Villanueva speaks about the Cuban housing situation at a panel on the Cuban economy.
Rob Albro presents at the AU Faculty Research Workshop