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How the U.S. Secretly Negotiated with Cuba for Decades, By William LeoGrande

In this TEDx talk, Professor of Government and CLALS Affiliate William LeoGrande discusses the secret history of negotiations between Washington and Havana, drawing on his recent book Back Channel to Cuba:

US President Obama's visit to Cuba marked a major milestone in repairing the relationship between the two countries, but it didn't happen overnight. Amidst legendary tales of assassination plots and paramilitary operations, it turns out that the two enemy nations never really stopped talking to each other. The negotiations were mostly secret — until now.

Cultivating Dialogue: A Comparative, Participatory Analysis of U.S. and Cuban Agricultural Cooperative Policies

On March 22, 2016, CLALS and the School of International Service sponsored a public panel on what Cuban and U.S. agricultural cooperatives have to learn from each other.

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The Economist Events' Cuba Summit

In December 2015, CLALS was pleased to support the inaugural Cuba Summit, which offered insight and analysis on pressing issues facing potential investors in Cuba. Participants heard from Economist editors, senior leaders, and other experts discussing how to navigate the short- and long-term risks and opportunities of doing business on the island. Included among these panelists was CLALS Research fellow Ricardo Torres, who spoke on the future of monetary reform, as well as about human capital and market regulation on the island.