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Pulso Latino/Latin Pulse

As the Latino population in the U.S. continues to grow, there is increasing demand for in-depth analysis of current events in Latin America. Partnering with the media non-profit, Link TV, CLALS supports a 30-minute podcast, broadcast every Friday, that analyzes news and public affairs in Latin America and hosts regional experts to offer critical commentary. Based at Webster University in St. Louis, the Latin Pulse podcast reaches more than 130,000 online subscribers weekly.

The program's executive producer and host is Rick Rockwell, a journalist with 35 years of experience covering the region. Through Latin Pulse, Rockwell and his team highlight significant news from the region and explore topical issues through substantive but fast-paced interviews with leading intellects from around the world. CLALS assists in the recruitment of experts for the program, drawing on more than 70 Affiliated Faculty at American University as well as researchers and practitioners who take part in two dozen projects that operate under Center auspices. Current and recent programs may be downloaded from this page. For a complete archive of Latin Pulse episodes, please visit Link TViTunes, and SoundCloud.

Current Episode - November 20

Reflections on a special trip to Cuba provide the main themes on Latin Pulse this week. The program includes interviews with a U.S. delegation on a cultural and educational exchange in Cuba, including the delegation's leader, the former governor of Missouri. The program also includes viewpoints on the U.S. embargo of Cuba and the possibility of business development on the island. The discussion ranges through politics, economics and shared interests between the U.S. and Cuba. The news segment of the program discusses the capture of Syrians using illegal passports in Honduras to possibly enter the U.S. illegally.

This program includes an in-depth interview with:

Bob Holden, former governor of Missouri and now with Webster University; and
Chris Gutierrez, SmartPort of Kansas City.  

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell;
Technical Director: Jim Singer; and
Associate Producer: Natalie Ottinger.

Archived Episodes

Complete archives of Latin Pulse can be found here through SoundCloud.


October 30 - Evaluating the Trans-Pacific Partnership & Debt Crisis in Puerto Rico

October 23 - Presidential Elections in Guatemala and Argentina.

October 16 - Deteriorating Democracy in Venezuela and Corruption Fallout in Brazil

October 9 - Peace Talks for the Civil War in Colombia and Tensions on the Borders of Venezuela

October 2 - Brazil: Corruption and Development

September 25 - Culture and Politics: Sabado Gigante Ends & The Argentine Presidential Campaign 

September 17 - Anniversary IV: Outstanding Out-Takes & Memorable Excerpts

September 11 - Religion in Latin America 

September 4 - Guatemala: Presidential Resignation & New Elections

August 28 - Crime & Violence in Mexico & El Salvador

August 14 - El Salvador & Guatemala: Seeking Human Rights Justice

August 7 - Colombia: Development Concerns & Honoring Emigrant Culture

July 31 - 50 Years After the U.S. Invasion of the Dominican Republic

July 24 - Historic Diplomatic Change with Cuba & Immigration Tensions in the Dominican Republic

July 17 - Politics in Guatemala & Assessing the Civil War in Colombia

July 10 - Analyzing the Andes Trip of Pope Francis

July 2 - Preview: Pope Francis' Trip to the Andes

June 26 - Brazil & the U.S.: Diplomacy and Economics

June 19 - Violence & Salvation: Homicides in El Salvador and Religion in Latin America

June 12 - Finance & Trade: Analyzing the Trans-Pacific Partnership & Debt Crisis in Puerto Rico

June 5 - Violence: Civil War in Colombia & Gang Warfare in El Salvador

May 29 - Puerto Rico & Mexico: Media, Identity and Politics

May 26 - Exploring Puerto Rico & the Special Ties between Mexico and the U.S.

May 15 - Mexico: The Rise of Narco-Religion

May 8 - Venezuela: Politics, Plot and Propaganda

May 1 - Special: Debating Venezuela and Authoritarianism

April 24 - Seeking Civil War Justice in El Salvador and Immigration Policy for Latin America

April 17 - Remembering Gabriel Garcia Márquez

April 10 - Analyzing the Summit of the Americas

April 3 - Exploring the Nisman Case in Argentina and Judaism in Latin America

March 27 - Cuba: The Arts & the Internet

March 20 - The Martyr: Remembering Archbishop Oscar Romero

March 6 - Venezuela: Coup Conspiracies &Remembering Hugo Chavez

February 27 - Political Turmoil in Venezuela & Searching for an End to the Civil War in Colombia

February 20 - The Chinese Strategy in Latin America & The Cultural Influence of China in Peru

February 13 - The Mysterious Death of Alberto Nisman & Celebrating Carnival in Brazil

February 6 - Rejoining the Immigration Debate & Revisiting the Zapatistas

January 30 - Cuba: The Politics of Diplomatic Change and USAID's Cuban Rap Strategy

January 23 - The Obama Administration's Policy Changes & the CELAC Summit

January 16 - Indigenous Religions: The Maya and the Aztecs

January 9 - Venezuela: Petro-State

January 2 - Cuba: The Historic Diplomatic Opening and Human Rights


December 19 - The Tequila Special

December 12 - Venezuela: Politics, Justice & Democracy

December 5 - Cuba: The Alan Gross Case & the History of Secret Negotiations

November 21 - UN Conference on Climate Change in Peru and Uruguayan Presidential Run-off Elections

November 14 - The Drug War: Analysis of the Front Lines in Mexico & Venezuela

November 7 - Rage over Missing Students in Mexico & Rising Cuban Immigration

October 31 - Religious Culture: Day of the Dead & Mayan Spirituality

October 24 - Presidential Politics: Elections in Brazil and Uruguay

October 17 - Analyzing the Debt Crisis in Argentina

October 10 - Indigenous Issues: Elections in Bolivia & Politics in the Post-Colonial Era

October 3 - Presidential Elections in Brazil and the Debt Crisis in Argentina

September 26 - Crises: Undocumented Minors on the Border & Media Economics

September 19 - The Best of Latin Pulse: Third Anniversary

September 12 - Presidential Campaigns in Bolivia and Uruguay