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Our faculty and partners are at the forefront of scholarly efforts to understand economic development, democratic governance, cultural diversity and change, environmental well-being, and hemispheric relations. Center-sponsored research is clustered around the five themes described below, examining how diverse topics within each of these domains relate to Latin America and Latino communities in the U.S.

Development & Inequality

Examines disparities of resources and power that characterize Latin American societies, as well as Latino communities in the U.S., analyzing how changes in policies, practices and models of economic development might contribute to improved distribution of wealth and increased well-being for broader segments of the population. (Learn more)

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Picture of a women's rights march in El Salvador
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Democracy & Justice

Analyzes structures and trends of democratic governance and citizen participation, seeking to identify how current barriers to full citizenship might be overcome to strengthen democracy in Latin America and fully incorporate U.S. Latino populations into American democracy. (Learn more)

Culture & Creativity

Explores the dynamic dimensions of cultural expression, production and consumption throughout Latin America and within U.S. Latino communities, noting how traditional cultures are preserved at the same time that new cultural icons and practices are created, exchanged and transformed with increasing fluidity in today’s digital era. (Learn more)

Photo of Cultural Diversity
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Health, Environment & Society

Assesses current environmental challenges that impact ecosystems and human welfare, disproportionately compromising the health and livelihoods of the poor in Latin America and of low-income Latino communities in the U.S., and identifies multi-dimensional responses that engage diverse stakeholders in working toward a sustainable future. (Learn more)

Hemispheric Relations

Seeks to understand the shifting relationships among Latin American countries and between Latin America and the U.S., encompassing changes in regional institutions and patterns of interaction, and identifying opportunities for cooperation on pressing transnational issues. (Learn more)

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