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Jacob’s Field & Reeves Scoreboard

On September 19, 2022, American University filed a Further Processing Application with the DC Zoning Commission requesting review and special exception approval of zoning relief to construct an acoustical sound barrier wall located between the William I. Jacobs Recreational Complex and the property located at 4710 Woodway Lane, N.W.; and to replace the existing scoreboard at the adjacent Reeves Field.

The purpose of the sound barrier wall is to reduce the noise impacts associated with the use of Jacobs Field on neighboring properties, and to allow for greater access to the field for a wider range of uses than are currently permitted under the conditions of Zoning Commission Order 20-31 (including, but not limited to, events with local public schools). The university has consulted and worked with the residents of 4710 Woodway Lane NW, the AU Neighborhood Partnership, and the Community Liaison Committee to evaluate the impacts of the sound barrier wall. The proposed sound barrier wall is designed to be approximately 360 feet long and 15 feet tall.

In addition, AU proposes to replace the existing scoreboard at the adjacent Reeve’s Field with a modern video scoreboard. The new scoreboard will be the same size and at the same elevation as the existing scoreboard and will not face the neighborhood. As is the case with the existing Reeves Field scoreboard, the only sound that will be generated by the new scoreboard will be for clock starts and stops, substitutions, and end of half.

Please click below to review the Further Processing Application, images and renderings of the proposed projects.

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