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AU Answers the Challenges of COVID-19

AU changemakers are taking action and helping to shape a changing world in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. By supporting one another, helping our communities in Washington, D.C., the nation, and around the world, Eagles are engaging in solutions and answering the call.

Here, you can learn about the ways our students, alumni, faculty and staff are creating impact through research, virtual events, experiences and service. For our COVID-19 Resources page, please visit


Nathan Favero

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Proposing Better Ways to Share Information on the Spread of COVID-19

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In the COVID-19 era, Parents Must Be Alert to Online Radicalization. A New Guide Can Help.

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Aquaculture’s Role in Nutrition in the COVID-19 Era

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The Role of Immigration in the Covid-19 Recovery

Immigration reform should expand immigration, not contract it.

Newcomers, whatever their immigration status, are likely to play a critical role in reconstructing a United States now in economic shambles, says Prof. Alan Kraut.
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CAS Expert Discusses COVID-19 and Mental Health

YouTube video featuring CAS Associate Prof. Kathleen Gunthert.

We Are Eagles

We may be apart, but we are Eagles. We are resilient. We are determined. We are stepping up and helping out. We are in this together. And we are up to the challenge.

Faculty Experts

AU COVID-19 Experts: Economy and Business

American University economists and business professors are available to discuss topics related to the economic fallout from the pandemic.

AU COVID-19 Experts: Impact on Politics and Elections

American University experts comment on the impact of COVID-19 on politics and the 2020 election.

AU COVID-19 Experts: Public Policy

With COVID-19 not yet contained in the United States, what are the impacts on education, families, and health? AU experts are available to discuss these and other issues in public policy.