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Green Teaching

Green-Certified Teachers

Academic Year 2015-2016

The following AU faculty members have been rewarded with the Green Teaching Certificate during the 2015-2016 Academic Year:

4 Apples/Gold | 4 Apples | 3 Apples | 2 Apples | 1 Apple

4 Apples/Gold:

Patricia Aufderheide (SOC)
Eve Bratman (SIS)
Robin Broad (SIS)
Derrick L. Cogburn (SIS)
Larry Engel (SOC)
Alberto Espinosa (KSB, Dept. of Information Technology)
Bryan Fantie (CAS, Dept. of Psychology)
Alan Ford (CAS, Dept. of Computer Science)
Jolynn Gardner (CAS, Public Health Program)
Heather Heckel (SPExS)
Alex Hodges (CAS, School of Education, Teaching and Health)
Gregory Hunt (SPA, Dept. of Justice, Law and Criminology)
Dominick Issi (KSB, Dept. of Management )
Monica Jackson (CAS, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics )
Victoria Kiechel (SIS)
Kiho Kim (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Ken Knight (CAS, World Languages and Cultures )
Brigid Maher (SOC)
Jaimes Mayhew (CAS, Dept. of Art )
Susan Mcdonic (CAS, Dept. of Sociology )
Siohban McGuirk (CAS, Dept. of Anthropology)
Jesse Meiller (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Anthony Miller (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Thomas Nassif (CAS, School of Education, Teaching and Health)
Deborah Norris (CAS, Dept. of Psychology)
Beverly Peters (Washington Semester Program )
Steven Putansu (SPA, Dept. of Public Adminstration )
Cristel Russell (KSB, Dept. of Marketing)
Tazreena Sajjad (SIS)
Yana Sakellion (CAS, Dept. of Art )
Abdelrahim Salih (CAS, Dept. of Language and Foreign Studies )
Larry Schrenk (KSB, Dept. of Finance and Real Estate)
Wanda Wigfall-Williams (SIS)
Tonia Wind (CAS, World Languages and Cultures )
Andrew Wolfe (SIS)
Mahmud Yesuf (CAS, Dept. of Economics)

4 Apples:

Emmanuel Addo (CAS, Dept. of Math and Statistics )
Jeff Bachman (SIS)
Shawn Bates (SIS)
Robert Berman (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Federiga Bindi (SIS)
Aaron Boesenecker (SIS)
Willem Brakel (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
John Calabrese (SPExS)
Albert Cheh (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Edda Coleman (SOC)
Jona Colson (CAS)
Steve Dalzell (SIS)
Jacob de Jong (SPA, Dept. of Public Administration and Policy)
Shoaleh Dehghan (CAS, Dept. of Chemistry)
Jane Flax (CAS, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion )
Louise Godley (SPExS)
Bram Groen (SIS)
Katherine Haldeman (CAS, School of Education, Teaching and Health)
Melissa Hawkins (CAS, Public Health Program )
Claudia Hofmann (SIS)
Patrick Jackson (SIS)
Sikina Jinnah (SIS)
Erin Kearns (SPA, Dept. of Justice, Law and Criminology )
Jill Klein (KSB, Dept. of Information Technology)
Jelena Kmezic (CAS, School of Education, Teaching and Health)
Evan Kraft (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Nikki Lane (CAS, American Studies)
Michele Lansigan (CAS, Dept. of Chemistry)
Inga Maslova (CAS, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics )
Martin Mikulik (CAS, Dept. of Performing Arts)
Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Rita Morandi (CAS, Dept. of World Languages and Cultures)
Philip Okoth (CAS, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics )
Jane Palmer (SPA, Dept. of Public Administration and Policy)
Christina Pondell (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
David Ramos (CAS, Dept. of Art)
Shirin Sabetghadam (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Lara Schwartz (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Steven Shapiro (WCL, Hospitality and Tourism Law)
Judith Spector (KSB, Dept. of Management )
Mike Stanaitis (SIS)
B.J.Talley (SOC)
Mauro Tiso (CAS, Dept. of Chemistry)
Marnie Twigg (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Vivian Vasquez (CAS, School of Education )
Stephen Vassallo (CAS, School of Education )
Nuria Vilanova (CAS, World Languages and Cultures)
Kathryn Walters-Conte (CAS, Dept. of Biology)
Paul Wapner (SIS)
Kenneth Ward (CAS, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics )
Edward Wasil (KSB, Dept. of Information Technology)
Brenda Werth (CAS, World Languages and Cultures )
Rebecca Wilner (CAS, School of Education )
Brian Yates (CAS, Dept. of Psychology)
Rhonda Zaharna (SOC)

3 Apples:

Nelson Amaral (KSB, Dept. of Marketing)
Angela Dadak (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Marion Dixon (SIS)
Sally Fowler (KSB, Dept. of Management )
Jonathan Fox (SIS)
Martinique Free (CAS, Health Studies)
Susan Glover (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Bernhard Gunter (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Bill Harder (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Stacia Jackson (CAS, Dept. of Education, Teaching, and Health )
Anna Leithauser (CAS, Dept. of Art)
David Mislan (SIS)
Simon Nicholson (SIS)
Christin Ogle (CAS, Dept. of Psychology)
Andrea Pearson (CAS, Dept. of Art)
Judith Shapiro (SIS)
Maggie Stogner (SOC)
Sarah Trembath (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Filippo Trevisan (SOC)
Amelia Tseng (CAS, School of Education )
Christopher Tudge (CAS, Dept. of Biology )
Angela Van Doorn (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Jon Wisman (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Stef Woods (CAS, Dept. of History)

2 Apples:

Lilian Baeza-Mendoza (CAS, World Languages and Cultures )
David Banks (SIS)
Mandy Berry (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Ernesto Castaneda (CAS, Dept. of Sociology)
Arvenita Cherry (CAS, Dept. of Anthropology)
Katie DeCicco-Skinner (CAS, Dept. of Biology)
Yvonne Fulbright (CAS, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion)
Joseph Graf (SOC)
Dave Harr (KSB, Dept. of Accounting and Taxation )
Michael Harvey (CAS, Performing Arts)
Alan Isaac (CAS, Dept. of Economics)
Alison Jacknowitz (SPA, Dept. of Public Administration and Policy)
Yujin Jeong (KSB, Dept. of International Business)
Karen Knee (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Stephen MacAvoy (CAS, Dept. of Environmental Science )
Taryn Morrissey (SPA, Dept. of Public Administration and Policy)
James Quirk (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Roberta Rubenstein (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Jay Simon (KSB, Dept. of Information Technology)
Allison Spence (CAS, Dept. of Art)
Krista Tuomi (SIS)

1 Apple:

Samantha Attard (CAS, Health Studies)
Fiona Brideoake (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
David Carlini (CAS, Dept. of Biology )
Daniel Dye (SIS)
Chris Edelson (SPA, Dept. of Government )
Marleen Hein-Dunne (KSB)
Patrick Kelly Joyner (CAS, Dept. of Literature)
Jordanna Matlon (SIS)
Erica Munkwitz (CAS, Dept. of History)
Michael Robinson (CAS, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics )
Jennifer Steele (CAS, School of Education )
Laurie Stepanek (CAS, Dept. of Biology )

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